Pesticides with low prescribed standards not to be allowed for registration

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A farmer is using the pesticide for his paddy field.

Deputy Minister Dr Tin Htut, the chairman of the Pesticide Registration Board, has announced that pesticides failing to meet specified standards will not be permitted for registration. Additionally, he emphasized the potential environmental hazards and health risks associated with the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Such misuse can lead to the death of fish, mammals, non-pest insects, and beneficial birds, disrupt the biological chain, and contribute to air and water pollution, ultimately affecting soil health.
Furthermore, the Deputy Minister highlighted the risk of pests developing resistance through repeated pesticide use, making suppression efforts challenging. Consequently, he underscored that only pesticides meeting specified standards would be eligible for registration.
The announcement also outlined the compilation and presentation of essential information, reviews, recommendations, and quality control assessments of pesticides’ efficacy against pests, with a focus on human and animal safety. This information will be submitted to a technical committee comprising experts to secure necessary support for the pesticide registration group’s operations.
The Deputy Minister concluded by stating that non-compliance with the provisions of the Pesticide Law would result in appropriate actions, following the rules and regulations outlined in the legislation. — TWA/ TRKM

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