PhD, final-year, master courses (written test) reopened


The Ministry of Education reopens the universities, degree colleges, colleges and institutes for PhD courses, master’s studies (written test) and the final year on 5 May.
The ministry reopened 134 universities, degree colleges and colleges under the Department of Higher Education—49 arts and science universities, degree colleges and colleges, 60 technological studies and computer studies and 25 education degree colleges for PhD courses, master’s studies (written test), master’s degree courses, second-year and third-year honours, final-year courses and second-year educational diploma courses, postgraduate degree courses and masters’ final-year classes being conducted under human resources development programmes, another 70 Government Technological Colleges, AGTI and the Government Technical High Schools under the Department of Technical, Vocational Education and Training for the final year of three-year diploma courses of AGTI and second-year courses of the two-year study of GTHS following the COVID-19 health rules yesterday.
The students are satisfied with the reopening of universities to grab their opportunities for learning and jobs.
The teachers also made preparations for teaching on 3 May. — MNA

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