Pigeon pea price regains to above K1.8 mln per tonne

The price of pigeon pea (tur) bounced back to above K1.8 million per tonne on 13 January after 23 days.
The price stayed below K1.8 million per tonne from 16 December 2022.
It dipped below K1.785 million per tonne on 12 January 2023. On 14 January, it climbed to K1.83 million per tonne.
The price of black gram is still lower than that of pigeon peas in Yangon markets. The black gram was priced below K1.7 million per tonne. On 13 January 2023, the price of black gram was estimated at K1,660,000 per tonne. There is a price difference of K145,000 per tonne between the pigeon peas (red gram) and black gram.
In the corresponding period of 2022, the prices stood at K1,350,000 per tonne of black gram and K1,335,000 per tonne of pigeon pea.
In mid-2022, the prices peaked at K2.1 million per tonne of black gram and K2.175 million per tonne of pigeon pea.
The price of tur fetched 7,400 rupees per quintal (0.1 tonne) this month, which jumped from 6,100 rupees. The price of pigeon peas in India in early 2023 rose by over 1,000 rupees against that of the year-ago period.
The price of pigeon pea was worth K1,332,500 per tonne on 13 January 2022, whereas the FOB price was US$690/710 per tonne. On 14 January 2023, the FOB price increased to $750-770 per tonne. Kyat weakened against the US dollar at K2,478 in early 2023, while the US dollar was exchanged at K1,787 in January last year.
The pigeon pea output by India is forecast to drop by over 400,000 tonnes compared to last year’s, according to the media outlets in India.
India imported over 700,000 tonnes of pigeon peas in the 2021-2022FY. This year, the import volume is likely to edge up to 1.1 million tonnes. The major pea-importing countries to India are from Africa. They are brought into India from Myanmar either.
India notified that the free import policy of black gram (urad) and pigeon pea (tur) extended up to March 2024. Furthermore, Myanmar is given a 100,000 annual import quota of pigeon peas under the government-to-government pact until 2025-2026. Myanmar shipped 430,000 tonnes of black grams and 93,000 tonnes of pigeon peas and 380,000 tonnes of green grams to foreign countries as of 2 December 2022 in the 2022-2023FY. Some pigeon pea-producing townships in Magway Region are selling large volumes to a company, according to the widespread social media posts.
On 24 December 2022, the pigeon peas were valued at K53,600-53,800 per basket in Yenangyaung and Magway areas. The resumption of Sino-Myanmar border posts raised the price of crops that are demanded by China. The price of new pigeon peas surged to K172,000 per 60 visses on 14 January 2023. — TWA/EMM


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