Pigeon pea price rises nearly K300,000 per tonne in two days, onion, chilli prices on the rise


The pigeon pea price on 6 August was higher by K172,500 per tonne than 5 August and by K105,000 per tonne on 8 August, and so it rose by K277,500 per tonne within two days, according to the Yangon Market.
The price was K1,612,500 per tonne on 5 August while K1,785,000 per tonne on 6 August and K1,890,000 per tonne on 8 August.
The price in Yangon rose by K277,500 within two days and it was such a strange case, said a bean dealer. The sale on those days were not expressed, according to the data.
The FOB price on 5 August was US$850-US$870 per tonne and $865-$880 per tonne of pigeon pea on 8 August.
The onion and chilli prices become higher. Only 90,000 visses of onion entered the Yangon market between 4 and 6 August.
On 8 August, 120,000 visses of onion entered the market and the price rose by K100 per viss and it is the highest in 2022.
On the same day, the Seikbyu onion in Yangon market was K1,450-1,750-1,950-2,000 per viss while K1,600-1,950-2,100-2,200 per viss of Monywa onion, K1,600-1,950-2,100-2,200 per viss of Myingyan onion and K1,450-1,750-1,950-2,000 per viss of Pyawbwe onion.
In the onion wholesale centre in countryside, the onion price was only K1,600 per viss and it reached K1,800-1,850 per viss on 8 August, according to the market of the countryside.
On 8 August, the chilli price kept climbing, the monsoon chilli price was K19,000 per viss and K18,000 per viss of normal chilli. Chilli merchants in the Bayintnaung market consider the chilli price will reach K20,000 pre viss. — TWA/GNLM

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