Pilgrims explore mural paintings at Bagan’s No 262 Cave Pagoda

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Mural paintings are seen inside the No 262 Cave Pagoda.

Visitors can go to the No 262 pagoda of the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone and explore its mural paintings in NyaungU Township of Mandalay Region, according to the officials of the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch).
The No 262 Cave pagoda is located beside the road to old Bagan from NyaungU, in the eastern part of the Htilominlo pagoda and Shwelatetuu pagoda. A sitting Buddha statue can be seen on an altar facing east that is surrounded by two Agga Savakas.
Visitors can see the mural paintings, wall paintings depicting Buddha images and ink inscriptions on the wall and ceiling of the cave. The No 626 Cave Pagoda is also known as Shweleikpyay Pagoda. Shwelatetuu, Shweleikpauk, Shweleikoo, and Htilominlo pagodas are located in the west of Shweleikpyay pagoda while Satumukha, Thungetaw, Shweleikkan, Thikyapone, Thikyahit pagodas in the north, Gupyauknge, Gupyaukgyi, Shinohmal Oakkyaung in the east and Napetawsu or Sulegon pagodas, Wuttanahtaw pagoda and Alotawpyae pagodas in the south. — Dipa Lin/KTZH

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