Pinkerton avocado starts to sell in third week of August

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Pinkerton avocado plant bears fruits in the farm.

THE Pinkerton avocado which is successfully planted on a trial basis in PyinOoLwin will be available on the market during the third week of August, said U Myo Nyunt, vice chairman of Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters Association stated.
At present, the Pinkerton avocado is yielded. The association is making them available on Yangon market. The price has not been finalized yet, however, it will be set depending on the traders and growers.

Additionally, other avocado varieties of Myanmar’s origin are also harvested. They fetch K20,000-K30,000 per 30-viss bag (a viss equals to 1.6 kg).
“The Pinkerton avocado planted on a trial basis will be supplied in one or two weeks. The market price will not reach the last year’s record price amid the COVID-19 impacts. The avocado will be distributed to both Yangon and Mandalay markets. The association has discussed with the traders regarding a marketing strategy amidst the transaction problem and negative consequences of the COVID-19, he elaborated.
The Pinkerton avocado was priced K4,500-K5,000 per kilo last year, while Hass avocado fetched up to K7,000-8,000 per kilo. Nevertheless, the traders cannot expect the high price registered last year. The official price is not finalized yet. Hass avocado will flow into market in October.
The avocado is primarily grown in Chin Hill, Shan plateau, Nawnghkio and PyinOoLwin areas, covering around 25,000 acres. There is a thousand of Myanmar avocado varieties, and avocado of foreign origins are also found in the country.
Myanmar’s avocado is abundant in October and the harvest season extends up to April. Myanmar prioritizes the fruit quality that meets international market standards for market potentials.—Min Htet Aung (Mandalay sub-printing house)/GNLM

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