Plan underway to reopen basic education schools in 2021-2022 academic year: Vice-Senior General

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State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Vice-Senior General Soe Win meets officers, other ranks and families at the gymnasium of Taunggyi Station yesterday.

Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win met officers, other ranks and families at the station gymnasium in Taunggyi yesterday.
Also present were Daw Than Than Nwe, wife of the Vice-Senior General, Lt-Gen Aung Zaw Aye from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army, Navy and Air), Commander of Eastern Command Brig-Gen Ni Lin Aung and wife, officers, other ranks and families of Taunggyi Station.
At the meeting, the Vice-Senior General explained efforts of the Tatmadaw to pave the way of multiparty democracy starting in 1988, drawing of the Constitution (2008) and approval of it with support of the entire nation, no participation of NLD with the boycott in the multiparty democracy election in 2010 in accord with the Constitution, endeavours of the government led by President U Thein Sein for improvement of political, economic and social affairs for successfully walking on the multiparty democracy, amendment and revocation of some provisions of the election law for opposition party NLD to join the multiparty system with organizational efforts, and full cooperation of the Tatmadaw with successive governments holding up the national politic concepts.
Moreover, the Vice-Senior General clarified efforts made by the government led by President U Thein Sein amidst political crises, pressures imposed by foreign countries and armed conflicts, attempts of NLD in taking dissatisfaction as advantages in canvassing for the 2015 election with slogan: time to change as incentive for the people, in ruling the country with formation of the government after winning the election, non-implementation of pledges and promises in the canvassing of NLD, drawing and enactment of the State Counsellor Law despite prohibition as the form of democracy bullying, appointment of the State Counsellor and placing the post of State Counsellor between the president and vice-president in release of State protocol, no completion of political and economic measures, fading of language and religion in its wrong concept in the religious affairs, use of various organizations for the people to misunderstand the Tatmadaw, encroachment on State’s independent management with appointment of foreign advisers, financial loss of the State, no support of the patriotic people to NLD for declining of State’s culture, patriotic spirit and economy, staging of no vote campaigns, and anxieties of NLD for winning the 2020 election.
Furthermore, the Vice-Senior General explained the request of the candidates who faced loss in the election to the Tatmadaw for scrutinizing the election, more than 10.4 million errors of voter lists, informing the Union Election Commission, actually responsible for inspecting the voter lists, about the inspection of voter lists, and assumption of the State duty by the Tatmadaw in accord with the Constitution due to attempts of NLD to grasp the State powers when the UEC, the Hluttaw and the government did not address the problems.
With regard to the formation of the State Administration Council, the Vice-Senior General said the structures of the region and state, district and township including State Administration Council with the majority of civilian members in efforts of the Tatmadaw to control the State powers during the period allowed by the Constitution, implementation of policies adopted by the previous governments for political, economic, health and education sectors, reconstitution of the new Union Election Commission, more than 4 million voter list difference between the list of previous commission and list of immigration department for 98 townships, taking out of more than 14 million ballot papers, use of over 9 million ballot papers and loss of more than five million ballot papers and plans to inspect remaining townships.

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State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Vice-Senior General gives foodstuffs and cash assistance to Tatmadaw members and families of the Tawnggyi Station yesterday.

The Vice-Senior General highlighted current political situations. He explained the emergence of unlawfully-formed CRPH and its acceptance of cash assistance from foreign countries, giving cash assistance to protesters, armed insurrection, unlawful killing, setting fire to factories, police stations and administrative buildings, killing people who peacefully live, acts of some media and majority of western countries in broadcasting images of security forces in brutally killing peaceful protesters, and efforts of security forces in controlling the riots under the riot manual (1956) and the crowd control manual (2015).
Regarding the education and health sectors, the Vice-Senior General clarified non-enrollment of 3.7 million children, plans underway to reopen basic education schools in 2021-22 academic year with endeavours of the Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, public difficulties in the health sector despite having 1,177 hospitals in the country, admitting of the military hospital for providing treatments to the people, and reopening of 793 hospitals and plans underway to reopen remaining ones. CDM activity is a country-destroying movement but civil disobedience movement. Likewise, CRPH declared as an unlawful association becomes a committee representing Pyi-Pyay Hluttaw (exiled parliament). The Vice-Senior General also explained the promotion of education and health sector, full electrification, and generating solar power and hydropower.
The Vice-Senior General urged officers, other ranks and families to pay attention to incitements on social media, arresting and killing by rioters with abuse of narcotic drugs, build military unity, take care of health for individuals and military units and participate in individual and team-wise sports events.
After the meeting, the Vice-Senior General, wife and party presented foodstuffs produced by Tatmadaw factories and cash assistance to Tatmadaw members and families of Taunggyi Station. — MNA

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