Police arrest 23 Mandalay PDF members together with firearms

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Firearms and related accessories are seized from Mandalay PDF members in Chanmyathazi and Mahaaungmye townships.

The security forces arrested two suspects Zaw Noe and Soe Thu Win, who sent the PDF members for explosive trainings to ethnic armed groups, near Pyinsar Village of PyinOoLwin Township on 31 July. The police also detained another five suspects Htet Paing Kyaw, Ye Yint Thu, Kyaw Zin Thaung (aka) Pili, Aung Zin Hein and Wah Wah Htet near Aungchantha Village on 1 August.
According to the confession of Kyaw Zin Thaung (aka) Pili, the security members detained Htet Naung Win, leader of Mahaaungmye PDF in West Thanlyetmaw Ward. According to his words, the police raided Ayechantha monastery and seized firearms, bullets, grenade and other materials.
Similarly, Soe Pyae Aung, Bo Bo Myint Thu (aka) Bo Bo, Aung Min Htet, Zu Zu (aka) Su Sandi Zaw were arrested in Htunton Ward of Chanmyathazi Township together with firearms.
According to the confession of Wah Wah Htet, the police arrested Aung Kyaw Thein (aka) Naung Naung in PyinOoLwin on 2 August.
The police continuously arrested Thiha Win (aka) Ko Thi, Thet Zaw Tun (aka) Thet Zaw, Myat Min Soe (aka) Ar Luu, Min Chit Zaw and Ma May Myat Noe together with one homemade gas gun, six bombs, three 91grenades, one keypad and 40 iron pipes near Kywenwahtauk Village on 5 August.

The security forces detained Bo Bo Aung (aka) Bo Bo and Aung Thu Hein near the Anisakhan and Paing Wunna at Yenge village on 11 August while Wine Wine Lin Htet (aka) Wine Wine and Htut Sit Hmue Lwin (aka) Htut Sit in Ward (1) in PyinOoLwin on 14 August based on the words of suspect Thet Zaw Tun (aka) Thet Zaw.
Zaw Noe admitted that he communicated with Mahaaungmye Township NLD member Ye Min Zaw and NUG’s Defence Minister Yi Mon to send the youths to explosive training in KIA controlled area and gather terrorists. Zaw Noe, Soe Thu Win, Htet Naung Win and Htut Sit Hmue Lwin joined the explosive training conducted near Laiza.
Htet Naung Win completed the explosive training of KIA and took the weapons/explosives to conduct attacks.
The former Pyigyidagun Pyithu Hluttaw MP of NLD Kyaw Soe Lin (2015) and former Kawlin Township Pyithu Hluttaw MP of NLD Myo Zaw Aung (2015), who completed the trainings, ordered another trainees to disturb the government mechanism, reopening of schools and kill the informers when they return to their respective townships.
According to the words of detainees, Min Chit Zaw, Thet Zaw Tun (aka) Nga Thet, Myat Min Soe (aka) Ar Luu, Wine Wine Lin Htet and Paing Wunna joined the explosive training of TNLA near Panwoelay Village in Nawnghkio Township on 19 May. Suspect Zaw Noe led the squad including Aung Zin Hein, Soe Pyae Aung and Bo Bo Myint Thu to join the training in Singu Township.
Soe Pyae Aung participated in bombs and weapon trading. Zaw Noe took part in conducting destructive elements in Mandalay together with Kyaw Zin Thaung, Tun Tauk Naing, Moe Tain and Tin Maung Htwe (still at large).
Zaw Noe also transported 250 granades from TNLA together with other suspects Tin Maung Htwe and Myo Min. He also rented weapons to kill the informers and to conduct bomb attack on government building and crowded places under the order of KIA. He also jointly shot to two police men in Patheingyi Township in June together with Wai Soe who is still at large.
Moreover, it found that Aung Kyaw Thein (aka) Naung Naung and Thet Zaw Tun (aka) Nga Thet are the suspects who committed bomb attacks on Anisakhan police outpost on 20 April and ward administrative office of Ward 5 in PyinOoLwin on 12 June.

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Firearms and related accessories are seized from Mandalay PDF members in Chanmyathazi and Mahaaungmye townships.

Myat Min Soe also participated in bombing attack near Defence Services Technological Academy on 18 July.
According to the confession of Kyaw Zin Thaung, they exploded in front of Mandalay general hospital located on 62nd street of Mandalay in April and also arranged to explode at central women’s hospital.
Wah Wah Htet and Htet Paing Kyaw crated 100 fire bottles and 50 homemade bombs at their houses on 86th street in Chanayethazan Township. They contacted CRPH and ordered 80 homemade bombs.
Wah Wah Htet got injuries during planting bomb in front of KaNyaNa office in Aungmyethazan Township in the third week of April together with Nweni Hlaing who is still at large.
Moreover, Aung Min Htet participated in bombing attack on B.E.H.S (27), education officer office and Samyintzwe Ward administrative office in Pyigyidagun Township on 29 May together with another absconder Myo Thiha.
The security forces arrested 24 members of Mandalay PDF and seized one assaulted rifle, one homemade gas gun, four magazines, 209 bullets, one MG-1 grenade, six hand grenades, three 91 grenades, one homemade mine, 40 iron piles and other materials. The suspects will face legal action in accordance with the law. The people are also requested to secretly inform to the officials regarding with the activities or hiding places of terrorists.—MNA

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