Polish image of the country with high cultural dignity


Myanmar’s forefathers have been preserving own culture and customs from time immemorial till today. As such, today’s youths have to carry on the preservation of the Myanmar culture for further strengthening.
Culture can be defined as the activities of politeness, advancement of social standards, and customs in traditional preservation. Plentiful tangibly and intangibly cultural properties can be seen across the nation. Preservation of cultural properties is an act of shaping the future of the State as well as of the youths.
The culture of Myanmar proves its history. Preservation is to take security measures of cultural objects. In this regard, tangible and intangible culture is inclusive of costumes in line with the current situations, lifestyles, behaviours, performing arts of literature, music and theatrical drama, in addition to patriotic and nationalistic spirits.
Myanmar’s culture is endowed with tangible and intangible objects and performances. The convinced ability of today’s youths on Myanmar culture is an index for the existence of a firm and vast cultural arena in the future country. It is needed to enhance the capacity of youths in the cultural field.
The development mainstream, which is changing with momentum, must be an abode for youths to preserve the Myanmar culture with admirable spirit. The lifestyle, rudeness, lack of fear and easy violation of laws are indications of a loss of culture. That is why all the Myanmar youths need to improve their lifestyles according to the country’s traditional culture, transforming the rudeness into politeness, lack of fear into the deserved fear for harming the cultural properties and preventing violation of the existing laws.
Indeed, culture is a measurement of the existence of a country and its image. The concerted efforts to ensure the presence of cultural properties are the obligation to grant its safety. The youths with a widening knowledge of preserving their own culture will have the high capacity to build the nation and the people to meet the high living standard.
In fact, the arena of culture and its definition is very wide. The people’s daily routine concerning software and hardware activities of the society are inclusive of cultural activities that polish the image of the respective countries and citizens, similar to the acts of offspring who descended from the parents and families with high dignity and prestige.

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