Pork and chicken prices surge in the market

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A vendor is pictured selling fresh fish, prawns and chicken.

The prices of chicken and pork including fish and prawns are high in the market and the people have to consider their rate of income and expenses, said housewives.
The pork price at the Lanmadaw Iron Market is K15,000 per viss, K14,000 per viss of pork and K14,000 per viss of special ribs this week, said Daw Hla Htay from Lanmadaw Township.
The pork belly price was only K10,000 per viss in April 2020, said Ko Hla Tin from Kyimyindine Township.
Although the prices are high, the sellers rely on the daily customers and restaurants, said pork seller Ma Myo Myo in the Mawtin market.
The pork prices in Mawgyun Township are K17,000 per viss while K15,000 per viss of pork belly, resident Daw Tin Win said.
“We sold 100 pigs daily in the past. But now, we sell only 20 per day. The numbers of pork consumers decline. We transport to restaurants,” said a pig slaughter.
The Myanmar chicken price is K12,000-13,000-14,000 per viss while K6,500 per viss of the CP at the Lanmadaw Iron Market.
The beef is priced at K18,000 per viss, K25,000 per viss of mutton and K20,000 or K30,000 per viss of lobster depending on their sizes.
“The freshwater shrimp is K14,000 per viss, Rakhine shrimp is K12,000 per viss while K8,000-10,000 per viss of mrigal fish. The catfish, fossil cat and snakehead have not entered the Yangon market yet. The price may be K15,000-16,000 per viss in other regions,” said a fish seller.
“At the supermarket, the finished meat is available. People can buy groundfish and meat by weight. They are clean. As they are purified, the prices are higher than others,” said Ma Lin Lin from Pazundaung.
The supermarkets sell three chicken wings weighing 356 grammes at K1,994, pork weighing 408 grammes at K3,468 and beef weighing 268 grammes at K3,468.
During this year, the meat, fish, egg and cooking oil prices are higher than in previous years and so the daily expenses of families also become higher while their daily income is not on the rise.
Families with low incomes mainly rely on the cheap foodstuffs that affect their health.
If the people consume beans together with rice in their daily meals, they can get proper protein and they cannot be affected by the high prices of meat and fish, a market analyst said. —TWA/GNLM

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