Post-monsoon cotton gets better prices this year in Yamethin

The local farmers from Yamethin township, Mandalay region grew the post-monsoon cotton and are earning better prices this year than last year, said U Than Win, the deputy head of Yamethin Township Agriculture Department.
More than 30,000 acres of cotton were cultivated in Yamethin township in July and August. These kinds of cotton are being harvested in November and December. Each acre of cotton plant produced about 460 visses. Last year, the price of harvested cotton was only K1,400 per viss. But this year, the cotton price are ranging between K1,500-K1,600 per viss.
“The cotton cultivation is mainly for clothing. When the cotton is ground, it can produce cotton wool. We can sell them at the domestic factories. Some factories bought cotton wool. Then, those are sold to China under the companies’ arrangement. There are some domestic textile factories. Cotton is mainly planted to meet the domestic demand for factories. This year, the local growers are making a handsome profit by growing them,” he clarified.
More than 30,000 acres of post-monsoon cotton are cultivated and sold by over 10,000 farmers in Yemethin township. The price of kinds of cotton has also increased this year than last year. Most of the people are growing model long-staple cotton species such as Shwetaung 8, Shwetaung 10 and Ngweche 9. But, they primarily cultivate Shwetaung 10 cotton species. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/GNLM

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