Prices of domestic chilli peppers hike again


Chilli pepper prices rose again at the Bayintnaung Market in Yangon on 9 January 2023, said a chilli pepper brokerage house owner in Seinpan Street.
On that day, the wholesale price per viss of new Panye long chilli pepper was rated at K16,500 and that of new Sinphyukyun bell pepper at K16,000, Moehtaung chilli pepper from various regions at K13,500, Shan long chilli pepper at K14,500 and Chinese bell pepper at K16,000.
The price of Myarni and Panye long chilli peppers processed in cold storage hit the record price of K21,500-K22,000 per viss in mid-November 2022. However, new Myarni and Panye long chilli pepper from the Salin area and Thaedaw area entered the Yangon market with K18,000 and K16,000 per viss on 10 December 2022.
The new long chilli pepper price went up by K2,000 per viss on 9 January 2023 from the market price of K13,500-K14,500 per viss on 7 January. New Shan long chilli pepper was introduced in the Yangon market with a price per viss of K17,500 on 25 October 2022. The price dropped to K11,500-K13,000 per viss on 10 November and slightly increased back to K12,000-K13,500 per viss on 6 January. The market price on 9 January was K14,000-K14,500 per viss.
Moehtaung chilli peppers from various regions were priced at K12,000-K13,000 per viss on 5 December and K12,000-K12,500 per viss on 5 January 2023 respectively, going down from the highest price of K18,000-K19,000 per viss in mid-September 2022. The wholesale price bounced back on 9 January 2023 with the price rate of K13,500-K14,000 per viss.
The Yangon chilli pepper market saw new Chinese bell pepper with a wholesale price per viss of K14,200 on 2 January 2023. The price shot up to K16,000 per viss on 9 January 2023.
The wholesale price of cold storage bell pepper from delta regions and the Sinphyukyun area was set at a high rate of K31,000 per viss in mid-November 2022. New Sinphyukyun bell pepper arrived at the Yangon chilli pepper market with a wholesale price of K28,000-K29,000 per viss on 24 November 2022, and slumped to K13,000 per viss a month later, on 24 December. On 7 January 2023, the bell pepper per viss was valued at K14,000-K15,000 and soared up again to K16,000 on 9 January.
Long chilli pepper, bell pepper and Moehtaung chilli pepper from delta regions can enter the Yangon chilli pepper market before the Thingyan Festival.
These days, the price of chilli pepper has risen again, and a chilli pepper broker said that the new chilli pepper from the delta region can fetch about K10,000 more per viss than the same time last year. — TWA/CT

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