Prioritize food safety for public consumption


Food is a staple for the daily life of humans and essential for the physical growth of humans as well as the sustainability of body organs. Using calories through the consumption of foods contribute to the longevity of humans. As such, foods for living beings, including humans, must be safe.
The word ‘food safety’ is identified as a public health priority and an essential step to achieving food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations also states that the word ‘food safety’ is about handling, storing and preparing food to prevent infection and help to make sure that our food keeps enough nutrients for us to have a healthy diet.
In this regard, somebody, who unexpectedly eats expired or unsystematic preserved foods, water and drugs, may face feeling pain in the stomach, diarrhoea, dizziness, etc. If the symptoms are severe, they may be very harmful to human lives.
Some people may face various types of food poisons from the unexpected consumption of dirty foods and water and reactions of toxic foodstuffs. Moreover, the consumers may face food problems based on germs, bacteria, pesticides and inappropriate antibiotic drugs.
The occurrences of unsafe food and water are based on dirt and germs. It may even be rotten, which can cause infections or diseases such as diarrhoea, meningitis, etc. Sometimes, these unsafe foods and water cannot be identified easily. Moreover, greedy and undisciplined manufacturers distribute unsafe and expired products in the market without considering the interests of consumer people but their selfishness only.
In order to prevent the dangers from unsafe foods and water, everybody needs to purchase the quality and fresh foodstuffs made in proper processing of cultivation, harvest, systematic storage and preserved ways with correct guarantees of producers.
Moreover, consumer people should analyze the climatic conditions and seasons for the food products. Even the products granted for quality in just production may be damaged in the bad weather and some changes of climate. Hence, not only consumers but producers need to take care of systematic cultivation of crops and breeding of animals to be used in foodstuffs and systematic storage and packaging processes not to cause the damaged ones in anyways.
That’s why people should choose healthy and quality foodstuffs and water systematically manufactured with side effect guarantee for their consumption to be free from dangers.

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