Prioritize safe foods for the health and longevity of people


As correct living style plays a key role in the enhancement of people’s health standards, the government, healthcare service personnel, and people have to make tripartite efforts to ensure the safety of food for the people.
As most people cannot emphasize individual health and fitness in doing daily routines, they are reachable for possessing a healthy life. Especially as most people cannot pay attention to the lifestyle supporting their health conditions, they face a variety of incommunicable diseases. Hence, people need to take care of possibly harmful functions in their daily food consumption process.
Currently, people cannot emphasize the content of nutrition in foods and the safety of foodstuffs. Subsequently, they suffer from unexpected diseases. As such, food manufacturers need to take care of their food production so that people have easy access to safe foodstuffs and avoid the production of dangerous food.
The Department of Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health examines foodstuffs prior to the market. It checks these products in the market so as not to cause dangerous conditions for foodstuffs and supplies and ensures safe and quality foodstuffs are sent to the markets for public consumption. As such, consumers and food producers need to notice and accept the efforts of departmental personnel in examining the foodstuff markets. Moreover, food vendors and shops need to avoid expired foods and damaged ones strictly.
To enable consumers to consume foodstuffs safely, the Myanmar Food and Drug Authority released Notification 8/2022 on 20 January 2022 for labelling instant foodstuffs. Hence, consumers have a chance to check the labels of relevant foodstuffs in the market and can choose the proper foodstuffs for consumption to be free from unexpected dangers.
Labelled foodstuffs can show consumers their safety. Moreover, producers of such products will have the trust of consumers and the prestige of their production, among others. In addition, they can easily penetrate the international market. Occasionally, officials from the Foodstuff and Drug Supervision Committee can chase the dangerous occurrences of instant foodstuffs and timely take action against hazardous situations of foodstuffs and those food producers.
That is why both consumers and foodstuff producers have to follow the recording process of foodstuffs to enable people to be free from the danger of unsafe foodstuffs. If so, a large volume of safe and guaranteed foods can be manufactured for public consumption, contributing to people’s health and longevity.

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