Priority given to importation of anti-Covid-19 equipment

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For quick and easy importation of anti-COVID-19 equipment, the Ministry of Commerce is carrying out regular import and export activities at border trade posts including Muse, Myawady, Tachilek, and Chinshwehaw during the public holidays.
With 45 vehicles, 84 Myanmar companies imported 57.240 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 36.040 tonnes of oxygen tanks, 25.590 tonnes of oxygen gas, 5,053 home oxygen concentrators, 500 test kits, 75,546 kilogrammes of face masks through Muse, Myawady, Tachilek, and Chinshwehaw and Mawtaung trading posts on 19 July.
Most of the imports came from the Myawady Trade Zone on the Thailand-Myanmar border and the Muse trade zone on the China-Myanmar border, officials said.
From 12 to 19 July, the government is giving priority to disease control and 285.954 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 83.169 tonnes of oxygen tanks, 61.848 tonnes of oxygen gas, 11,558 home oxygen concentrators, 114,500 test kits, 365,221 kilogrammes of masks have been allowed to be imported by 162 vehicles.
Despite the temporary closure of trade between the two countries due to the global epidemic, officials from the Muse District Administration and the Department of Commerce is coordinating directly with the Shwe Li External Affairs Department of China to get better import processes.
The Ministry of Commerce is cooperating with the relevant departments to facilitate the importation of the anti-pandemic supplies and has arranged for direct contact with officials from the relevant trading posts if assistance is needed. – MNA

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