Priority must be given to creating chances for every citizen to learn the education and enhance the education qualification: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing presides over the SAC meeting 10/2021 in Nay Pyi Taw on 10 May 2021.

The State Administration Council is an organization taking responsibility in an interim period. So, priority must be given to implementing short-term projects with a broader consideration for the State, said State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 10/2021 of the State Administration Council at the Council Chairman’s Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
The Senior General stressed the need to implement the projects depending on the five-point road map. Voting frauds and plans to take action for errors in voter lists scrutinized in two region and state will be presented to the country.
Although the infection rate of COVID-19 rises across the world, Myanmar faces one to two per cent of infection out of inspection capacity as of 1 May. But, some restrictions for COVID-19 cannot be eased. Till today, more than 1.9 million people have been injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. As universities and colleges resume academic matters, if those who attend the universities and colleges abide by social distancing, it will contribute to the prevention of COVID-19. Moreover, arrangements are being made to inject COVID-19 vaccines to the students and faculty members.
The outbreak of COVID-19 suspended businesses in Myanmar, causing impacts in the economic and education sectors. As such, efforts are being made to recover the decline of the economy affected by COVID-19. As of early February, rumours spread elsewhere, and protests were transformed into riots. Although the occurrences of riots decline now, the council controls the acts of affecting the banks on the political ground. COVID-19 causes the decline of the economy across the world. Foodstuff production must be undertaken without fail among the businesses. Myanmar needs to successfully develop agriculture and livestock sectors based on its advantages. The Senior General stressed the need to choose the quality and high-yield crops and pedigree animal species of the agriculture and livestock sectors to occupy the domestic and international markets. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation researches the production of quality strains of crops.
Edible oil crops are involved on the list of primary export items of Myanmar. As individual people of Myanmar consumes 4.5 visses of edible oil per year, its consumption rate is too high. Import of edible oil abroad spends much foreign exchange because edible oil cannot be produced at home sufficiently. As it is necessary to ensure edible oil sufficiency at home, efforts must be made for thriving edible oil crop plantations in the respective areas so as to increase the per-acre yield of edible oil crops. The Ministry of Health and Sports and the Ministry of Information must continuously perform the educative tasks for reducing edible oil consumption. Systematic supervision must be performed to check the edible oil, whether it is refined oil or not with the aim of ensuring the people consume the healthy edible oils with quality guarantee. As Myanmar’s expectant lifespan is 67.42 years, it is the lowest among the neighbouring countries. As such, it is necessary to control too much consumption of edible oils, monosodium glutamate, narcotic drugs, liquor and cigarette, harming the health conditions with a conscience. Efforts must be made for the standardization of Myanmar people’s lifespan in the world with the arrangements to supply nutritious foodstuffs at fair prices, and health awareness should be raised for the people to have a healthy lifestyle.
In undertaking the agriculture and livestock tasks in the country, animal feedstuffs are imported abroad for breeding farms. As raw agricultural products are abundant in the country for animal feedstuff production, sufficient production of the feedstuffs can reduce foreign exchange spending. It is necessary to manufacture sufficient products of foodstuffs at home to distribute the foodstuffs to the people at fair prices.
The Senior General stressed the need to implement the SME and cooperative sectors for doing the primary businesses of the State. Regions and states need to encourage SME and manufacturing. The cooperative system must directly sell products to benefit the manufacturers.
The people need to get wider knowledge with skills. An education motto mentioned: “The national discipline starts from the school”, which forges the conscious and nationalistic spirit. The constitution stipulates that every citizen shall compulsorily learn basic education. As such, priority must be given to creating the chances for every citizen to learn the education and enhance the education qualification.
The curricula are being used in line with the 30-year national education promotion long-term plan approved by the previous governments. Disturbance to the opening of schools is the acts of destroying the country, and it is very bad. Effective action must be taken against these destructive acts. The teachers who joined the CDM due to misunderstanding based on the weakness in administrative measures and political attacks need to report back to the respective schools. The requirements of teachers will be fulfilled during the school opening period.
Council members U Thein Nyunt, Mahn Nyein Maung, U Khin Maung Swe, Jeng Phang Naw Taung, Daw Aye Nu Sein, U Sai Lone Hsai, Saw Daniel, Dr Banyar Aung Moe and U Shwe Kyein and Joint-Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo discussed investigation for hiring cost of foreign advisors of the previous government and leak of State security, taking security measures for convenient learning of students at universities, colleges and basic education schools through collaborative efforts of the people and security organizations, effective action to be taken against for those who undermine the future of the State and students, smooth circulation of banking services with attracting the people, generation of solar power with most negligible environmental impacts, enactment of necessary investment laws, rules, orders and directives for guaranteeing local and foreign investments, more appointments of the qualified sports coaches at universities, colleges and basic education schools, smooth process of Maungtaw border trade, systematic drain system for proper flow of water and proper sanitation system, loans and techniques for edible oil crops, systematic agricultural science for basic education schools, opening of rural health centres and treatment centres in remote areas of Taninthayi Region, assistance for monastic education schools, running of Mawlamyine-Ye-Dawei train, effective rebutting the fake news, and setting the public holidays for the calender.
After hearing the reports, the Senior General said that arrangements are being made to appoint the physical coaches and sports technique coaches for athletes to have higher sports standards in the South-East Asian Games. Relevant universities and colleges need to turn out more physical trainers to be appointed at schools.
Only when basic education schools give good teaching will students have the skills to learn higher education. So, teachers emphasize teaching to the students at the basic education level.
The Senior General stressed the need to educate the people for systematic littering in order to seek public participation. Officials need to improve the littering system and sanitation process.
Monastic education schools have been contributing much to Myanmar’s education system. As such, necessary assistance must be provided for the smooth teaching of monastic education schools. Public holidays must be considered not to harm the work process for the development of the nation. — MNA

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