Private companies need to be invited to work together on high-rise housing projects

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The MoC deputy minister and party view the miniature version of the Ayawun-Yadana High-Rise Housing Project.

The MoC deputy minister said that ways should be found to invite private companies to cooperate on high-rise housing projects.
He made the remarks yesterday morning at the Yadana Hninzi Housing sales hall of the Ayawun-Yadana High-Rise Housing Project on the Ayawun road and Yadana road in Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township, Yangon Region.
He called on the Department of Urban and Housing Development and national entrepreneurs to work together to achieve success of projects and promote urban standards of Yangon based on the State’s support.
In addition, he added the need for transparency in carrying out activities, considering the operation of state-invested funds due to suspended activities to analyze the completion status of work, resale, and ways to resell on a regular basis for the remaining apartments for sale.
The officials of Ayawun-Yadana High-Rise Housing Project announced that anyone could freely buy apartments in instalments, and application forms are sold at K 1,500 per copy as of 16 March 2016.
The deputy minister also said that a housing administration committee should be formed to address the need of the residents such as the garbage disposal system, and urged the department to focus on what should be provided.
Then, the deputy minister and party visited the Snow Garden Mixed Used Development Project at the corner of the Ponnami Road and Shweli Road in Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township. He also visited the Star City project of Yangon Land Co Ltd at the confluence of the Yangon River and Bago River near the Thanlyin Bridge in the evening. — MNA

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