Private schools with no registration to be closed


According to the Ministry of Education, action will be taken against private schools that do not register to be closed.

Private school registration applications must be submitted by 8 March 2024, as per the directive of the Ministry of Education’s Private Schools Supervisory Board. According to the statement, the Deputy Minister for Education, Dr Zaw Myint notified some large schools of not submitting their applications yet, to submit registration applications before the deadline on 28 March.

Schools that do not submit registration applications will be closed after 12 May 2024, which is one year from the date of the law enforcement, and newly opened private schools must also apply for registration as soon as possible. The law stated that private schools shall not be opened without registration.

In addition, the Deputy Minister for Education has informed that as the provision of the law stipulates that private schools shall not appoint those who don’t have private teacher ID.  Teachers need to attend teacher training courses without fail at educational universities and educational degree colleges to be opened starting in April.

Only when private teacher IDs in line with the criteria can submit endorsement from relevant universities will work procedure continue to issue the IDs to those teachers. Hence, applicants have to pay tax responsibly.

Those teachers have to revise their comprehensive skills of Myanmar language because a student text on proper learning and understanding of Myanmar language will be conducted starting from September, the Deputy Minister added.—TWA/TKO

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