Promote strong diplomatic ties of Myanmar’s overseas diplomats


Diplomats, including Ambassadors, Chargés d’Affaires ad interim and consuls general stationed in foreign missions, occupy the forefront of the political arena, playing a crucial role in defending the State and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty. Their primary focus lies in enhancing diplomatic relations with assigned countries, thereby advancing Our Three Main National Causes.
Myanmar, presently exercising an independent and active non-aligned foreign policy, requires diplomats serving abroad to be the embodiment of the State’s foreign policy. To fulfil this duty effectively, diplomats must possess a comprehensive understanding of the functions of state foreign policy. This involves navigating the intricate landscape of diplomatic relations with counterparts and superiors from assigned countries while remaining vigilant about incidents in neighbouring and global nations.
An essential aspect of their role is to grasp party politics while remaining committed to the idea that all State service personnel work for the nation, not for the government. Despite having the freedom to cast votes for their preferred political parties during elections, diplomats must ensure that their political activities do not compromise their assigned duties.
As a member state of the United Nations actively participating in international communities and organizations, Myanmar faces challenges, including sanctions and pressure resulting from political conflicts in 2020. Diplomats must act as conduits of accurate information, disseminating the actual incidents in Myanmar and providing an understanding of the exact situations in the country to relevant nations. Overcoming challenges posed by sanctions and pressures imposed by influential countries necessitates persistent efforts.
The inherent nature of diplomats and embassy staff is rooted in enhancing relations across all arenas. Applying diplomatic tactics and experiences efficiently becomes paramount in elevating political, economic, and cultural sectors with assigned countries. Strengthening personal relationships and fostering fraternity within the diplomatic corps is integral to successfully implementing their missions and realizing their visions.
Myanmar’s diplomats stationed abroad are pivotal in fortifying diplomatic ties and promoting the nation’s interests on the global stage. Navigating complex geopolitical landscapes and overcoming challenges play a vital role in shaping international perceptions and advancing Myanmar’s standing in the international community.
While in assigned countries, diplomats need to lend a helping hand to Myanmar citizens abroad in solving their problems. Those diplomats must occupy Myanmar citizens’ reliance and trust abroad with necessary assistance. If so, all Myanmar citizens will be a reliable strength for the nation and stand tall in the international community.

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