Protest crackdown at Myaynigone, Hledan

The protests currently occur in some large cities of the country after the declaration of the State of Emergency on 1 February 2021. As the protests seem to harm the stability of state, security of people, the rule of law and community peace, the security forces conduct security measures the whole day not to occur riots.

About 3,500 protestors staged strikes shouting out slangs near Myaynigone junction of Sangyoung Township while about 1,500 protesters near Hledan junction of Kamayut Township of Yangon starting 10am of yesterday morning.

Myanmar Police Force requested the protestors to disperse but the protest crowds used obscene languages by using hand speakers and attacked the police. Therefore, the police dispersed in accordance with the crowd dispersal methods. The protest crowd dispersed at about 1:30 pm.

These places are under Section 144 of Criminal Procedure and gathering of five or more people is not allowed.

The security force members detained some of the protesters and the members are still conducting security measures.—MNA

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