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Medical experts warned on 25 April 2024 that half of the world’s population may need glasses by 2050 because of eye disorders. There are currently people living in some countries, including the United States, who are suffering from myopia problems. This type of problem occurs 25 per cent more often than usual. According to researchers from the Rochester Technological Institute of the United States of America, four billion people worldwide will need glasses by 2050.
Eyesight disabilities have a substantial impact on all sectors of society, including relations and everyday routines, as well as the process of education and employment opportunities. Although myopia may affect children and teenagers, it may affect most people regardless of age. That is because most people are busy with their mobile phones and computers in their daily routines.
Consequently, they may have eyesight disabilities.
As such, researchers stated that if individuals excessively use smartphones, they may face myopia disease in addition to varieties of eye disorders, which may cause 39 per cent certainty. If they also use many hours of computers, the possibility of myopia may rise to 80 per cent. Parents need to manage their children’s time better by reducing screen time.
According to the estimation of the World Health Organization, some 2.2 billion global countries suffer from eyesight problems due to presbyopia and myopia. One billion people cannot solve their eyesight problems yet. Eyesight disorder or blindness is based on cataracts and dullness in eyesight due to irregular refraction.
A school-age child suffering from an eyesight disorder may face degradation in learning and education. If an adult has a disorder of eyesight, it can bring worse social life. Those suffering from eyesight disorders may face fewer job opportunities, resulting in the occurrence of depression and worries. Senior citizens who have eyesight disorders may encounter social loneliness, difficulty walking, the possibility of accidental injuries and other harmful impacts.
A Myanmar saying goes: “Loss in eyes, failure in ears”. Those who suffer from eyesight will lose their lives, whereas those who lack hearing skills will be failures in their lives. As such, everybody needs to take care of their eyesight as well as hearing skills against various dangers. Moreover, patients with eyesight disorders and eye diseases have to take proper treatments in time to overcome their challenges in life.

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