Public participation helps arrest suspects in KBZ bank robbery in Botahtaung Tsp within 5 days

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At around 12:30 pm on 22 October the four masked men arrived at the KBZ branch in the middle block of 48th street in No (9) Ward of Botahtaung Township by FF/6532 Fielder (white) and threatened the bank security by guns and took more than K300 million, including five mobile phones, by colluding with a man, who was waiting at the bank in advance.
Regarding the bank robbery case, the police arrested Win Maw Oo, aged 43, a driver of the Fielder car at about 3:40 pm on 22 October at 16th street of Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township together with K200,000 that he received as the car rental fee.
On 23 October, the police also arrested Ye Naing Oo together with K160.3 million at Ein Gyi street in No (9) Ward of Pazundaung Township and Han Win Htut with K325,000 at Amico Del Myanmar Hotel in No (4) Ward of Lanmadaw Township.
According to the confession of suspect Han Win Htut, security forces seized about K40 million kept in the cover of the elevator of the Ocean Super Market in Tarwadaintha street of Pazundaung Township on 24 October and also arrested Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein on 6th street of Patheinnyunt Ward of Mingala Taungnyunt Township, seized one CZ 75 pistol, one magazine, three bullets and one homemade mine at the house of suspect Han Win Htut on 57th street in No (2) Ward of Pazundaung Township, arrested Than Naing together with K880,000 at Hlaing Htake Tin teashop in Pale Myo Thit of Mingaladon Township, Aung Ko Latt(aka) A Shay Gyi and Kyaw Kyaw Naing (aka) San Shay at Kay Khine Oo guesthouse in Phaungyoe Chaung village in Kyontamar village-tract of Nyaungdon Township together with K1,995,000 and two unlicenced motorcycles.
According to the words of Ye Naing Oo, his mother Tin Tin Mu (aka) Aye Aye Mu on Ein Gyi street of No (9) Ward in Pazundaung Township on 24 October.
According to the admission of Tin Tin Mu (aka) Aye Aye Mu, the police seized K44 million at No (004) in Delta Plaza of Shwegondaing street in Middle Shwegondaing Ward of Bahan Township and K10 million at Myaungmya Daw Cho Monthinga shop at No (118/D) in Old Yaytashay street of Bahan Township.
Moreover, based on the words of Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein, the police arrested Wunna Aung on Maha Bandoola street of Botahtaung Township, and according to the confession of Wunna Aung, the police seized two homemade bombs at No (336) in Aungmyitta Kannar street in Yamonna (1) Ward of Dawbon Township on 25 October.
Moreover, the police seized K7.5 million at the house of Aung Ko Latt (aka) A Shay Gyi at No 175/b in Yadana Theingar street of No (4) Pan Chan of No (9) Ward of Shwepyitha Township and another K3.5 million at the house of Kyaw Kyaw Naing at No (272/B) on Maha Myaing street in No (9) Ward of Shwepyitha Township.
According to the words of Kyaw Kyaw Naing (aka) Hsan Shay, the police arrested Arkar Min together with K1.1 million at No 82 on 6th Magway street in No (20) Ward of Shwepyitha Township on 26 October.
According to the confession of Han Win Htut, the police detained Nay San (aka) Nay Thurein Htet aged 32 together with K10 million on No 23 street in Latha Township on 27 October and Ko Pyo (aka) Aye Chan Phyo, aged 19 with K1.6 million at Doh Laltaw restaurant in Kawhmu Township.
The suspect Han Win Htut communicated with his online friend Ye Khe (STF member) (still at large) and rented one CZ-75 pistol, one magazine and 25 bullets to kill a civilian in Shwepyitha Township on 9 October.
Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein took the pistol from Thingangyun Township and kept it at his house, and handed it over to Kyaw Kyaw Naing (aka) Hsan Shay on the day of the bank robbery.
For their preparation to rob the bank, on 20 October, they met on the 2nd floor of the seven-storey building in 6th street of Patheinnyunt Ward of Mingala Taungnyunt Township and on the 12th floor of Ocean Super Centre in Bandoola street of Dawbon Township on 21 October. The assigned duties – Than Naing has to kidnap the taxi driver and Han Win Htut is to check the situation of the bank in advance; Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein is to serve at the entrance/exit, while Kyaw Kyaw Naing (aka) Hsan Shay to keep the mobile phones of the bank staff; Aung Ko Latt (aka) A Shay Gyi to threaten with the gun, Nay San (aka) Nay Thurein Htet to drive the taxi, Ye Naing Oo to take them on 38th street and Wunna Aung to commit bomb attacks at two traffic lights near Pazundaung township police station.
The suspects left the Ocean Centre at about 12:25 pm on 22 October and arrived at the 48th street KBZ bank. Han Win Htut entered the bank and contacted Aung Ko Latt (aka) A Shay Gyi at around 12:35 pm.
Then, Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein, Kyaw Kyaw Naing (aka) Hsan Shay, Aung Ko Latt (aka) A Shay Gyi and Ko Phyo (aka) Aye Chan Phyo entered the bank and took the money in three backpacks and one canvas bag. They got into FF/6532 Fielder (white) car driven by Nay San (aka) Nay Thurein Htet on the Strand Road of 48th street. Then, they left the car on 38th street and they transferred the money to YGN 1F/4068 Caldina driven by Ye Naing Oo, and went to the Ocean Centre.
The suspects hid K40 million on the ceiling of the elevator of the Ocean Centre, kept K214.3 million to Tin Tin Mu (aka) Aye Aye Mu, mother of Ye Naing Oo, and they divided the money among themselves.
Among the suspects, Han Win Htut and Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein completed the explosive training of the KNLA Brigade 7 near Myawady Township in April.
The suspects also committed attacks in Pazundaung, Shwepyitha and Hlinethaya townships.
Do Pauk (aka) Aung Hein took K15,000 from Kyaw Kyaw Naing and exploded a homemade bomb in front of the No 7 township administration office on Yay Kyaw street of Pazundaung Township on 12 July.
He also took K20,000 from Kyaw Kyaw Naing and exploded one homemade bomb near the back alley of cinema in No (8) Ward of Shwepyitha Township on 11 August.
He took another K30,000 from Kyaw Kyaw Naing and exploded two homemade bombs at the No 18 ward administration office of Hlinethaya township and in front of the Meekhwatzay bus stop of Hlinethaya township on 25 August.
Aung Ko Latt also exploded one homemade bomb at the dumpsite near the lake beside rail tracts of Shwepyitha Township on 17 August.
According to the confession of the suspects, about half of the robbed money will go to NUG to buy the explosives and ammunition to support PDFs in Yangon to conduct terrorist acts and the remaining half will be used for their interests.
A total of 12 suspects — 11 males and one female — were arrested with one CZ 75 D pistol, one magazine, three bullets, three homemade bombs, two vehicles, two unlicensed motorcycles and K281.4 million being seized.
Due to public participation, the security members arrested the suspects in a short while.
It is reported that the arrested suspects will be taken action effectively under the law and the people are requested to report secretly the places and movements of the related suspects to the relevant authorities. — MNA

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