Pulses and beans prices fluctuated in Yangon market

Bean Market sskm
Pulses and beans seen in the domestic market.

The prices of black gram and red pigeon pea have turned upward while the prices of green gram, chickpea and exported beans and pulses are falling in the market.
From 18 to 20 March, within three days, the prices of black gram and red pigeon pea were continuously decreasing; however, the prices of pulses and beans trending up from 21 to 23 March in the Yangon market.
Prices of green gram, chickpea and exported beans with FOB prices have been trending down within this week. On 16 March, black gram RC price was K3.02 million per tonne, red pigeon pea was K3.863 million per tonne. However, the prices were falling during three consecutive days from 18 to 20 March, it was priced at K2.877 million on 20 March. On the following days, the prices returned up and thus, on 23 March, it was K2.935 million.
The price of red pigeon pea was K3.863 million per tonne on 16 March; K3.65 million on 20 March; and K3.73 million on 23 March. However, the prices did not reach over K 3.8 million. The prices of green gram were K4,000 per viss and black gram K5,900-6,200 per viss in Yangon market on 16 March. On 23 March, the green gram was K3,880 per viss and gram between K5,725 and K6,000 per viss on 23 March.
Exported black gram, pigeon pea and green gram prices are also falling. From 14 to 16 March, exported bean prices were black gram FAQ US$965-085 per tonne; SQ/RC US$1,045-1,065; red pigeon pea US$1,220-1,240; pigeon pea from central Myanmar US$730-760; and Shwe Wah big size was US$830-860. However, on 21-23 March, black gram FAQ was US$740-760, SQ/RC US1,030-1,050, red pigeon pea US$1,180-1,200, green gram from central Myanmar US$690-720 and Shwe Wah big size US$800-830.
From 18 to 23 March, 90 containers of black gram RC (2,160 tonnes) and pigeon pea 25 containers (60 tonnes) were transacted.
On 24 March, black gram price was K90,000 per 20 visses and red pigeon pea K118,800 in Aunglan market. According to the market information from other towns and cities, the prices of pigeon pea are forecasted to be downward due to decreasing demands.
It is reported that pulses and beans prices in domestic market and India market are required to control the price manipulations. — TWA/TMT

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