Pursue knowledge to continue studies on endless subjects

All global countries are trying hard to overcome the challenges of the knowledge age in order to modernize themselves. Despite accumulating natural resources, if a country does not have human resources, it will have development. As such, these countries are nurturing new-generation youths to be well-versed as part of upgrading human resources.
Today’s youths are new generations to shoulder the State duties for shaping the future nation. Those new generations need to widen their scope. Those youths must have to uplift their capacity whereas senior citizens are responsible for nurturing the youths. Knowledge is endless learning. They have to depend on physical and mental strengths to be able to secure excellent skills.
In shaping the State as a modern nation, it is not enough for applying knowledge alone as well as a skill only. Only when those youths have to apply excellent knowledge and skills can they build a modern society. As such, every youth must strive to become a professional based on knowledge for serving the interests of the people.
Some of today’s youths are sharpening in learning knowledge. They are keen to taste everything. In fact, accumulating knowledge is very good. But bad acts and things tasting a cup of alcohol or a stimulant tablet are designed to vandalize their development. As such, they have to consider everything without derailment of their attitudes. They have to analyze the nature of friends to polish their images and avoid not tarnishing their images in society.
It can be seen that as various kinds of technologies flow into society, many things which can bring misunderstanding and misinformation in the education and cultural sectors. Indeed, all endeavours of those youths must be sake for the nation as well as for their interests. They have to make in-depth studies on cultural heritages and histories. They have to foster nationality, languages, religions and patriotic spirit without narrow-minded attitudes. Those youths have to adore patriotic spirit for the country and the national as well as their religions for further flourishing.
Today’s universities confer relevant certificates of degrees on deserving youths for their thorough studies. These universities are just a venue to nurture the youths with excellent ideologies to become qualified good citizens with the capability of improving the future of the country. As such, those youths must know that there remain various subjects of knowledge which are endless for learning in society, so they have to continue further studies on endless subjects.

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