PyinOoLwin’s seasonal strawberries flood domestic market, export shortage

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Baskets of fresh strawberries arranged for sale in the market.

Traders remarked that seasonal strawberries from the PyinOoLwin area are widely distributed to the domestic market as they have yet to penetrate foreign markets.
There are 235 acres of strawberries in PyinOoLwin Township this year, with a cultivation cost of K4.5 million per acre. Strawberries are cultivated from September to October, and fresh strawberries are harvested from January to May.
The fresh strawberry fetches K10,000-K13,000 per viss, depending on varieties at the beginning of this year’s season. The prices rose slightly from K9,000-K12,000 per viss recorded last year.
The strawberry price moves down due to the abundant supply. Last year, it plunged to K5,500-K8,000 per viss. The supply then exceeds the demand, scaling down the price, growers and traders said.
Despite the lack of exports, strawberries are highly consumed in the market as fresh fruit. It is also processed as strawberry paste, jam and wine with value addition. — NN/EM

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