Rakhine State Ex- Chief Miniter U Nyi Pu, three ex-ministers charged under Anti-Corruption Law

The inquiry team of ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission) inspected the bribery cases against former Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu and other officials.
According to the inspection, former Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu, former state Finance, Tax, Planning and Economic Minister U Kyaw Aye Thein, state Electricity, Industrial and Transport Minister U Aung Kyaw Zan and former state Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Mining Minister U Kyaw Lwin did not follow the notification No (1/2017) of President’s Office in making low-cost land plots between Ywama and Kinyon wards in Gwa Township of Rakhine State. They permitted their partner company for the operation without analyzing the data of company, investment amount, work experience, skilled workers and the use of machinery. They also misued their authority and made an agreement to manage the low-cost land implementation just with the decision of the state government meeting without seeking the suggestions of the Office of the Attorney-General of the Union, state Advocate-General Office and other relevant departments.
They did not submit the proposal in accordance with the land related procedures to the Union government, and failed to conduct environmental impact assessment and permitted the project to begin. Therefore, it can cause floodings and affect the nature including marine animals and other things. If so, the numbers of fish decline and affect the keeps of local residents.
They granted K535 million for expense and compensation which were not mentioned in the agreement to the company.
U Nyi Pu, U Kyaw Aye Thein and U Aung Kyaw Zan also permitted the company to run the garment operation at three government-owned buildings without reviewing the company’s history to provide job oppourtinies to the residents. They provided more than K55 million budget of state construction anylising committee to the company to maintain the buildings. Although the company did not operate, they did not return the buildings to state government so far.
According to the report of state Auditor-General office, on 1 October 2019, they did not transfer more than K865 million of state construction analyzing committee into the state development fund in accordance with order No 58/2019, and spent the budgets.
The former Rakhine State Development Minister U Min Aung also did not follow the terms and conditions of tender stated in notification No 1/2017 of President’s Office in constructing five markets without any permission of the Hluttaw.
When he made agreement with tender wining company for Taungup Myoma market, he signed the agreement for more K1,570 million than the fixed tender prices at K1,450 million on 15 Decemebr 2017. He granted extra K3 million to the construction company when he gave more than K39 million for 25pc in first installment on 21 March 2018. The Taungup Myoma market is still damaged to date. Therefore, former chief minister U Nyi Pu and other former ministers U Aung Kyaw Zan, U Kyaw Aye Thein, U Min Aung and U Kyaw Lwin are found guilty for not obeying the existing laws, regulations and procedures in spending the public budget. They were charged under Section 55 of the Anti-Corruption Law at Sittway Myoma police station of Rakhine State yesterday.—MNA

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