Rakhine’s marine products directly exported to Bangladesh via Yangon

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Rohita fish are seen being prepared to export them to Bangladesh. Photo: KaNu

The suppliers of quality rohita fish of Rakhine State transport the products to Yangon from where they export to Bangladesh directly.
The marketable rohita fish weighing one viss and 30 ticals and one viss and 50 ticals from the fish farms of Ayeyawady, Yangon and Bago regions are packed at Yangon’s ports and exported to Bangladesh via the Kanyin Creek border trade post in Maungtaw township.
“A truck carries 17 tonnes of marketable rohita fish from Twantay, Maubin, Sarmalauk of Ayeyawady Region and other areas to export to Bangladesh via Sittway, Buthidaung and Maungtaw trade camps daily. We export a fish weighing one viss and 30 ticals and three visses. Now, we find some difficulties. We used vessels for fish trucks in Maungtaw to shorten the duration in the past. Now, we have to go via Buthidaung. It takes us two or three nights. We start the engines the whole night to keep the fish quality in cold storage. It does not take much time if we go via Sittway. Maungtaw lies on the other side of the creek from Bangladesh and we can export easily despite the bad weather. Although we are unable to export like in the past currently, we are running as usual and so the merchants and fish farmers are in good condition,” said supplier Daw Maw Lizer of the Mayyu Tawwin Marine Products Company in Rakhine State.
Due to the current situation in Rakhine State, the marine product suppliers from Sittway, Buthidaung and Maungtaw communicate with the entrepreneurs of Yangon to export the products to Bangladesh. As the production costs for feed and transport charges are high, the fish are sold before their adult stage. Therefore, the quality of fish from Rakhine State becomes lower and there are not enough marketable fish at Shwepadauk and Sanpya fish markets, so the suppliers are sent there to examine the size and quality of fish to export.
It takes three days to export rohita fish from Yangon to Bangladesh and sometimes it takes between five days and one week if delays occur.
A six-wheel truck carries 175 boxes containing 30 visses of fish transported from the lower part of Myanmar to Maungtaw of Rakhine State daily and the bilateral trade between Myanmar and Bangladesh is running as usual. — Nyein Thu(MNA)/GNLM

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