Recognize benefactors in agricultural, livestock and fishery sectors


As Myanmar is an agricultural and livestock farming-based country, farmers of these industries are benefactors for the whole nation. They cultivate crops and operate livestock breeding farms for domestic consumption as well as export purposes in order to ensure local food security and to increase incomes for the State in the national export strategic vision.
In order to ensure food security and promote the export sector, annual plans are adopted for relevant crops, and encouragement is being given to boost the per-acre yield of primary crops. Farmers have placed 17 million acres of paddy, 10.57 million acres of pulses and beans, 8.24 million acres of oil crops, 1.6 million acres of corn and 0.52 million acres of cotton in the 2023-24 financial year.
The government is implementing plans to reduce the import volume of thread and textile products and meet the target cultivation of 800,000 acres of long-staple cotton grown in the past five years with the expansion of sown acreage in order to increase the per-acre yield of cotton for export purposes as well as supplying the domestic demand. If surplus, cotton can be exported.
The government has built 246 dams, 144 reservoirs, 72 lakes, 199 sluice gates, and 219 water pumping stations, totalling 880, to solve the shortage of water as well as irrigating more than 3.1 million acres of crops while sinking 25,513 tube wells and arranging other irrigation facilities in order to supply sufficient water for agricultural and livestock farms. As such, farmers have to apply proper cultivation and livestock farming techniques of crops. As such, the government raises awareness of those farmers and demonstrations to use modern irrigated facilities to save water in cultivation and livestock tasks.
It is necessary to improve livestock breeding as well as the fishery sector to ensure local food security and earn income from the export of surplus products. Both peasants and farmers are responsible for the production of crops, meat, fishery and dairy products to ensure sufficiency of local consumption.
Myanmar is blessed with abundant natural land and water resources. Depending on the climatic conditions for agriculture and livestock farms, the whole country has to strive for the acceleration of cultivation and livestock farming in addition to fishery tasks with the use of appropriate techniques and united strength of those farmers to develop the national interests of the State in all aspects. Benefactor peasants make the utmost effort to produce foods at full capacity to meet local demand as well as export purposes.

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