Recognize sacrifices of firefighters for the motherland


Fire, a natural danger, poses a significant threat to society, capable of engulfing lives and property within seconds. Despite efforts to control it since ancient times, outbreaks of fire may remain unpredictable and, to a large extent, uncontrollable.
The outbreak of fires can be attributed to various reasons, ranging from negligence to short circuits and even natural causes like embers. While humans have some control over accidental fires, forest fires continue to ravage millions of hectares of forest land worldwide every year.
The All Burma Fire Brigade Conference, held in Kandawgale of Yangon on 5 May 1946, marked the inception of Fire Brigade Day in Myanmar. Since then, 5 May has been commemorated to honour firefighters across the nation. Fire brigades are organized into three categories: government fire brigade members, local auxiliary fire brigade members, and separate fire brigade members, particularly for factories, industries, and businesses.
Under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Department of Fire Services is responsible for fire prevention, preparedness for natural disasters, rescue and relief operations, and various public welfare tasks. With a focus on management, fire safety, rescue operations, and reviews, the department aims to protect lives, property, and production capital against fire outbreaks and to provide emergency rescue and relief during natural disasters.
Firefighters undergo rigorous training to efficiently operate modern fire extinguishers, rescue vehicles, and equipment. They are required to adhere to prescribed laws, rules, and disciplines to become proficient firefighters. Since its establishment, the Fire Brigade has served the interests of the State and its people, devoid of any political affiliations.
In 2023, Myanmar experienced over 1,300 fire incidents, with Yangon Region being the most affected, experiencing 232 incidents. These devastating incidents resulted in the loss of 77 civilian lives, with 193 individuals sustaining injuries and property damage amounting to K35 billion.
Despite the risks involved, permanent, auxiliary, and separate firefighters selflessly serve their duties for the State and its people, often foregoing the chance of securing honorary titles and medals. It is imperative for firefighters to continuously update their knowledge of firefighting techniques and apply them effectively for the safety of the nation’s citizens.
In commemorating Fire Brigade Day, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by firefighters in protecting Motherland Myanmar and its people from the ravages of fire. As such, individuals need to help raise the socioeconomic life of firefighters and their society as part of standardizing the fire services of the nation.

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