Reduce the use of plastic products to conserve the environment

Once, plastic was essential for the global people in their daily routine. Currently, all the global people are facing an environmental problem of plastic pollution which can harm the whole ecosystem for both humans and animals.
Plastic is not easily decayed due to ingredients of organic elements but papers, debris of leaves, timber and bamboo can decay in a short time. Experts said disposable plastic products take more than 700 years for decaying and the disintegration of their structures takes more than 1,000 years. In the ground and water, plastic debris may become new elements which may harm chemical reactions against the environment and destroy the ecosystem by killing water creatures.
Most people commit undisciplined acts in disposing of the plastic bags in the water and on the ground. These disposed of plastic bags cause soil pollution and environmental pollution. The impacts of such pollution are harmful to the failure of growing plants in the soil. The heat from the plastic debris destroys the thriving saplings.
The United National Environment Programme-UNEP estimated that there would be 75 million tonnes to 199 million tonnes of plastic debris in the oceans across the world. Hence, it is time for humans to solve the problem of plastic bags daily disposed of. Consequently, plastic debris floating in the water is stranded on the beaches.
Since its finding, plastic had to be used severally. But humans did not use it severally; they use it once and then threw it away. Hence, used plastic bags have been taking the position in all parts of the world. Recently, scientists declared their scientific results, saying that they have found plastic particles in the human body. Hence, humans may face subsequences of uncontrollable plastic debris in the future.
Environmental experts notified that if global countries fail to control the spreading of discarded plastic debris in the oceans, the plastic volume will be larger than those of water creatures in the oceans in 2050. So, it will be dangerous for all.
Indeed, Myanmar uses plastic products in all sectors. Hence, it is time for the people and the authorities to restrict the use of plastic products to some extent for the interests of the nation and the national. If so, the country can avoid unexpected losses in the future. Hence, all people need to broaden their scope to know the disadvantages of plastic debris so as to solve the plastic problems in a short time.

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