Relevant departments carry out beautifying of urban area while residents need to keep residences and environment neat and tidy: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets town elders and businesspersons at hall of Command and General staff College in Kalaw.

Arrangements are being made to shape Putao, PyinOoLwin, Haka, Thandaunggyi and Kalaw as hill stations, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with locals and businesspersons from Kalaw and Aungpan at the hall of Command and General Staff College in Kalaw yesterday afternoon.
Town elders and businesspersons reported on requirements related to construction of a bus terminal between Aungpan and Kalaw, searching for water sources to supply drinking water to Kalaw, repairing of roads, construction of Aungpan-Intein Pagoda Road to improve tourism industry and social system, systematic town plan for Aungpan, deployment of higher health staff for providing health care services to Namtaing Village-tract, supply of fertilizers, conducting of agricultural training courses on increase of per-acre yield for agricultural crops and cultivation techniques, training for teachers to teach ethnic languages and transport and electrification for some villages.
After hearing the reports, the Senior General said the schools related to agriculture has been established. Local people were urged to learn agricultural techniques for applying the experiences in the farming tasks, and arrangements will be made for teaching the ethnic language.
Then, the Senior General said that Kalaw is a hill station for the people to take a rest, and arrangements are being made to shape Putao, PyinOoLwin, Haka, Thandaunggyi and Kalaw as hill stations. Local people need to participate in beautifying the environs of Kalaw. The government pledged to upgrade the roads, and relevant departments carry out beautifying of urban area while residents need to keep residences and environment neat and tidy. Arrangements are being made to operate a rail transportation based in Kalaw for the Myintaik-Heho route and based in PyinOoLwin for the Zeebingyi-Nawnghkio route with the use of coal-fired locomotives.
Aungpan is a business hub in Shan State (South) but its town plan is weak with lack of systematic layout plan. It is necessary to systematic draw the layout plan for the urban area facilitated with education, health and recreation centres in addition to water supply and electrification. Development committee and local people are to join hands in beautifying of the town.
Production of value-added products through fruit processing can contribute to the development of the town. As such, all need to apply modern agricultural system for production of quality agricultural products. Efforts must be made for production of bio-fertilizers and for egg and meat production based on poultry, pig and cow breeding farms.
Local youths need to learn high school education and higher education without fail and locals need to encourage the youths to pursue the university education. There are lesser number of people with skills and knowledge to operate business and agriculture and livestock farming except the work experiences. Hence, it is necessary to enhance the education qualification and provide assistance for the children to learn education.
Agricultural training schools should be established for learning the agricultural techniques. The government will provide pedigree species of animals to the local breeders. Efforts are being made to upgrade Heho Airport to the International facility to be able to transport domestic products to local and foreign markets. Only when agriculture and livestock farming achieves success more than now, will local people have development of living standard. The government is place emphasis on prosperity, peace and stability of the State with food sufficiency.
The Senior General then held a tea party with participation of town elders and businesspersons from Kalaw and Aungpan.—MNA

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