Renowned singers to perform at PyinOoLwin Flower Festival

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Famous singers will perform song entertainments at the 15th PyinOoLwin National Kandawgyi Garden Flower Festival in PyinOoLwin, according to the organizing committee of the flower festival.
In the Flower Festival, which will be held for a month from 15 December, 2022 to 15 January, 2023, famous singers of the country will perform song entertainment as of 2:30 pm on 18 December.
In addition, various species of flowers from all over the country, foreign flower species, and rare species of flowers will also be displayed in the flower festival.
Also, playgrounds for children, and gaming programmes for young and old visitors individuals or in groups are arranged in the festival, and domestic foods and costumes will also be showcased and sold as a market fair.
In order to ensure smooth transportation for tourists to the flower festival, officials have also arranged with the tourism agencies in the city, and security measures have been planned for them to travel safely.
At the present time, growing flowery plants, construction of shops and stages are being carried out in the garden.
In the last festival, various flowers named sunflower maze, tulip flower representing the Netherlands, the rose patch representing the UK and the lily patch representing Italy were displayed.
The purpose of the event is to make the flower festival as a prominent one in Myanmar and to be able to see and enjoy seasonal flowers in a single venue, and to help business of Myanmar’s flower cultivation and production, and promote the tourism sector and improve development of the region.
Although the flower festival is held every year at the garden in PyinOoLwin Township, the last festival was held in 2019 due to the local COVID-19 infections.—TWA/KZL

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