Repairs needed for dilapidation and damage to suit city characteristics: YCDC

YgnHome Dangerous Building
A dilapidated apartment building is pictured in Yangon.

A notification has been issued by Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) to mend the ruins of Yangon City in line with city standard features.
District and township administration bodies urged that the people of Yangon city are required to clean bushes and shrubs in their properties which face main roads as well as repair their unsightly fences by cleaning or painting them, according to relevant districts and townships.
An official from YCDC commented, “We mainly encouraged the people to make their buildings clean and beautiful to conform with city features. Dilapidated buildings are covered with mosses and vines in their facets, and the lack of maintenance in empty yards disgraces the beauty of the city. This is being conducted in accordance with rules and regulations.”
Sub-Section (K) of Section 65 is stipulated, “Cleaning trees and bushes in yards and buildings, painting them in specified colour, fencing the unenclosed property and maintaining the dilapidated yards for the city features,” under Sub-Section (J), Section 65 of the City of Yangon Development Law 2018.
“It is necessary to abide by the provisions of the law. If you fail to comply with this instruction, you can proceed with the committee’s plan. It is provided that one can ask the owner of the building (or land), or the resident to pay the cost of repairs,” said Ko Htike, the advocate. — TWA/GNLM

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