Republic of the Union of Myanmar State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing sends Message of Greetings on 73rd Anniversary Chin National Day

Esteemed national brethren of Chin State,
All the national brethren living in Myanmar or abroad, apart from Chin State,

I wish you all auspiciousness and prosperity on the 73rd Anniversary of Chin National Day.

After annexing entire Myanmar in 1885, the colonialists adopted the rule that divided the hill regions and plains. Chin people sacrificed lots of blood, sweat, and property, struggling to free the country from colonial rule. After regaining Independence in 1948, a mass conference was held in Falam, Chin State, and decided to change the administration system from the community leader (chieftain) ruling system to democracy. On 20 February, the mass meeting was held to replace the old administrative system with democracy. It was designated as the Chin National Day at the 7th Chin

Traditional Council meeting held in Yangon on 9 October 1950. Chin National Day, which was initiated in 1948, reaches its 73rd Anniversary now. It is a historic day for all the ethnic groups of Chin people who use a similar language and embrace the similar culture, historical tradition and custom.

Geographically, Chin State is formed by mountain ranges running from north to south and is also the place where natural resources like Khawnuson Mountain, which is the home to various species of fauna and flora, wonderful Reed Lake, Kaladan River, Manipur River, Bwenu River and Bontala Falls are located. Nature tourism will develop with added momentum, alongside the transport improvement.

During the past successive periods, Chin State was governed by consecutive generations of chieftains, community leaders and villages. The day on which the resolution was adopted to replace the old feudal system and colonial system with democracy. So, it is a historical day full of the essence for all the ethnic Chin races.

Chin people joined hands with other nationalities in the anti-colonialist, anti-fascist and Independence struggles. Since the Independence has been restored, Chin nationalities have been living in unity and weal or woe in Union along with other national races. As there are love and unity among the Chin people, naturally, Chin State is peaceful and stable.

The government has been prioritizing the work of building new roads and upgrading the existing ones to improve the once-poor transport of Chin State. It is also opening primary education schools, repairing the education facilities, increasing the teacher strength, opening more hospitals and clinics and providing more doctors for the residents’ socio-economic development.

The government is also extending the reach of the national grid in Chin State, implementing the first airport project of the State in Falam and Kaladan basic development project in Paletwa. All the projects are showing signs of marked progress. Chin nationalities should join hands with the State that is implementing the regional development undertakings for them.

The State is working intending to promote further the traditions, culture, customs, language, literature and rights of the ethnic races. I would urge Chin national races to preserve and promote their language, literature, culture and traditions. A diversity of cultures, customs, languages, and kinds of the literature of the national races is like the country’s multiple eye-catching decorations. So, I would urge all the ethnic races of the country to beautify the Union through the enhanced culture, custom, language and literature conservation and promotion programmes.

Although ethnic Chins has different languages and kinds of literature area-wise, they must use it as a strength that comes from the unity in diversity for the harmonious development of the entire Chin State and producing qualified human resources. Like the au’ chin bird (hornbill) that has united the Chin as a whole race, loyalty, honesty, and justice are the characteristics of today’s Chin people. These subtle characteristics must be preserved and protected.

Placing in the force of the national cause, the Tatmadaw has striven together with the people for ten years on the path to multiparty democracy to successfully build a Union, aspired by the entire nationalities, where, democracy, equality and discipline flourish. In all seriousness, I would urge all the Chin brethren to continue to join hands with all other nationalities in partaking in the task with strong Union spirit.

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