Republic of the Union of Myanmar State Administration Council Chairman Senior General Min Aung Hlaing sends Message of Greetings on occasion of 74th Anniversary Union Day

Esteemed national brethren,
At this auspicious 74th anniversary of the Union Day, I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity.
A review of the Myanmar’s history shows that the country was powerful and wealthy during the times unity could be established, and was weak and eventually fell into servitude during the time national unity was weak due to various reasons. National unity was on the wane and the Union spirit melted away as the colonialists were sowing seeds of mistrust among the nationalities through various means to prolong their rule. It is a historical lesson; we all must remember.
Together with the Tatmadaw, the national people had to sacrifice lots of lives through the unyielding spirit to restore independence. During the independence struggle, national unity and Union spirit could be firmly reestablished under the straightforward leadership. As a proof of the national unity based on Union spirit, Panglong Agreement was signed on 12 February 1947 with the resolve to restore independence together with the hill regions. The 12th of February, the historic day, on which, the Union spirit of all the nationalities was demonstrated, has been honoured as the Union Day. Today is the 74th Anniversary of the Union Day.

Esteemed national brethren,
The hill regions and the plains could restore independence on 4 January 1948 in unity together with the Tatmadaw. It is the outcome of the Union Day. It was the Union spirit that led the country to restore independence through unity. So, all the national people should foster Union spirit and strive steadfastly for the perpetuation and prosperity of the Union.
It’s a common knowledge that the pace of national development was slow because of the failure to solve the internal armed conflicts broke out after the evaporation of the Union spirit due to various reasons during the very early stages of post-independence period and to restore national reconciliation and Union peace firmly till now. The opportunity to share the benefits among the Union people will always be low as long as peace cannot be restored fully in the Union.
Thanks to the determined efforts to firmly restore the national reconciliation and Union peace for the sustainable and harmonious progress for all the nationalities, ten ethnic armed groups have signed the NCA. Furthermore, future peace programs can be adopted after reaching a common agreement.
The Tatmadaw has ceased its military operations except in national defence and administrative undertakings a for a certain period and reinforced the peace dialogue for achieving eternal peace in the whole country.

Esteemed national brethren,
Union spirit is the foundation of the historic independence struggle, and it will also be the cornerstone of the future democratic country. In fact, the Union spirit is the resolve to build a Union through mutual amity between all the nationalities. As a peaceful and stable democratic State will be built only with the Union spirit we must nurture a highly qualified new general possessing a strong Union spirit.
All the nationalities must obey the existing laws to successfully formulate the democratic State. We must safeguard the 2008 Constitution as it is the mother of all laws.

Esteemed national brethren,
Our Three Main National Causes – non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty – is the most important task of the democratization process. As the task of safeguarding Our Three Main National Causes is the main duty of the Tatmadaw, all the sectors of the State duty have already been transferred to the Tatmadaw. So, I would seriously urge the entire nation to join hands with the Tatmadaw for the successful realization of democracy, while adhering to Our Three Main National Causes.
As for the country which is a heterogeneous society, historical lessons have taught us that only the national unity can ensure the non-disintegration of the Union and the perpetuation of sovereignty. We will have to continue to consolidate the strength of the national unity in the future also.
The State is exerting well-rounded efforts to prevent, contain and combat Covid-19, a pandemic the whole world is facing. It will continue this undertaking with added momentum. I would make a solemn pledge to alleviate the Covid-19’s impact on the people’s socio-economy at present and to ensure a quick socio-economic recovery during the post-Covid-19 period with the well-organized and united strength of the entire nation.

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