Responsibility and accountability – the highest morality in society

In all issues, all doers need to take responsibility for the good deeds and wrongdoings they ordered. In fact, cause and effect based on the issues they arranged are concerned with their acts and arrangements. Likewise, all doers should take accountability for doing everything by showing their faithfulness to all superiors in dutifully serving the assignments.
Every issue must be implemented. So, the authorities need to order subordinates to implement such an issue. But it is not enough for giving just orders to subordinates. Those authorities are responsible for the success or the loss of such issues implemented by the subordinates. Moreover, they are also responsible for the ways and means chosen by the subordinates to implement the issue. Furthermore, they are also responsible for skills and techniques that those subordinates could obtain.
If so, although those authorities themselves do not implement the issue, they will be absolutely concerned with the success and loss of the issue. If the subordinates successfully implement the issue, the authorities will thumb up for success. Otherwise, they should take responsibility for the bad results of the issue with loss.
On the other hand, accountability is also of great importance in society. Primarily, the subordinates need to hold up faithfulness for their issues. In short, they need to take accountability for the win and losses in the implementation of the issue assigned by the authorities. Indeed, it is not easy for those subordinates to be loyal to the authorities. As a nature of today’s society, most of the persons are ready to take advantage of the success but easy to condemn the loss. But it is a humane act. Only when the subordinates are humane, will they express their mistakes that trigger to cause the loss in implementing the issue and refuse to turn a blind eye to the bad result of the issue.
In society, able and clever persons move back in implementing various issues behind the persons with proudness and unskillfulness. They pretend to be skilful although they do not have any capabilities. A saying goes: bare seed paddy ears are tall up. So, a few numbers of humble people can be found in the society.
The society is formed with all participant people. Among them, only then, will a few numbers of people be able to deeply understand the advantages and disadvantages of responsibility and accountably which can benefit the society.

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