Returnees come back home through Lay Kay Kaw; officials provide necessary health check-ups

Lay K Kaw sskm

Kayin State people from villages in the Lay Kay Kaw area returned to their respective places, authorities said.
Terrorists were identified and arrested by the security forces in the new town of Lay Kay Kaw, but the remaining group has been calling for violence on 15 December, with innocent civilians fleeing to the other side of the border.
The area has been under the control of security forces since 28 December, and loudspeakers have been used to bring back innocent civilians fleeing to other parts of the country using both Myanmar and Kayin languages.
The returnees were systematically accepted by the relevant authorities, officials said.
A total of 1,484 returnees, including 636 men and 848 women, are among those fleeing.
A total of 5,872, including 2,712 male returnees and 3160 female returnees, have arrived back to date.
Health officials from relevant public hospitals, members of the Tatmadaw Medical Corps conducted medical check-ups and provided quarantine entry documents and systematically explained the instructions of the Ministry of Health.
Officials from the Regional Command and departmental officials also coordinated the medical and other needs. —MNA

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