River water pumping boosts 15,492 acres of summer paddy in 2023-2024, estimated to supply 17,595 acres this year

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The Department of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management (Water Resource) successfully supplied water to 15,492 acres of summer paddy via the river pumping processes in 2023-2024 in Yangon Region, and it is estimated to distribute water to 17,595 acres of summer paddy in 2024-2025.
“Our department distributes water from Hline, Kokkowa rivers and Ngamoeyeik creeks with a river pumping system to the summer paddy fields in Taikkyi, Hmawby, Hlegu and Htantabin townships in Yangon. We supplied water to over 12,000 acres the previous year and to 15,492 acres this year,” said U Tin Maung Than, deputy director of the department.
“We started the river pumping system in early January, and we will suspend it in the first or second week of May. The suspension of water distribution date will be later than that date if there is a delay in spreading seed and if there might be well-matured paddy. The expansion of summer paddy fields is a new step for farmers to increase their socioeconomic growth. We successfully distributed summer paddy without any waste under the guidance of the State Head and close supervision of the regional government,” he added.
He said, “We are now preparing to supply enough water to the expanded summer paddy in the coming year rather than this year. The ability to develop the plantation areas for local consumption and exports while the paddy rice is on the rise brings benefits to the farmers and country.”
In 2023-2024, the Kyontu, Kamakalu and Khayan Chaung river pumping projects benefited 76 acres of summer paddy in Thanlyin district, and the estimation for 2024-2025 is 350 acres. In Mingaladon district, the Myitkyoe, Kankalay and Myaungtaga water pumping projects, distributed water to 1,320 acres of summer paddy, and it is estimated to be 1,890 acres in 2024-2025. Moreover, the Sangyi and Balar (1) water pumping projects in Mingaladon township supplied water to 215 acres, and the earmark for 2024-2025 is 280 acres.
A total of 2,818 acres of summer paddy are planted with the use of water from Yaypawthaung, Gwytanshay, Kyogon and Kyunngu water pumping projects in Htantabin township, and it is estimated for 3,030 acres in 2024-2025.
The Aingkalaung, Alaboke, Thabyaykan, Tawlati, Taungyet Zeegone and Thayetchaung pumping projects benefited 3,401 acres in Taikkyi township, and the estimation for 2024-205 is 3,800 acres. In Hlegu district, the Balar (2), Malit, Yaykyaw, Sitbin, Sinphon, Ngwe Nantthar, Ngamoeyeik, Latpan, Latpan (2) Kinmonchon and Yemon pumping projects benefited 7,662 acres, and the target for 2024-2025 is 8,245 acres. Meanwhile, a total of 15,492 acres of summer paddy in these districts/townships were successfully distributed water with a river water pumping system in 2023-2024, and it is estimated to supply water to 17,595 acres in 2024-2025.
The Yangon Region Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department (Water Resource) conducts maintenance yearly to supply water to 24,518 acres from 22 completed electric water pumping projects, 3,300 acres from two electric water pumping projects (in progress) and 5,000 acres from six electric water pumping projects which are under the stage of Feasibility Study. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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