Royal Thai Embassy reports some inappropriate acts in visa applications

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Visa applicants at the Royal Thai Embassy in Myanmar in January 2024.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Myanmar has seen some inappropriate behaviours and has informed people to report to the embassy staff or security staff if any immoral acts are found relating to visa and consular services.

It stated that some dishonest people were found in online visa appointments to obtain many booking reservations by using different passport numbers, not only for themselves, resulting in a high rate of “no show up” on appointment dates. In addition, there were cases where some people pretending to be embassy staff tricked visa applicants into paying money for verification before entering the consular section.

The embassy clarified it to the public that there is no policy of charging for visa appointments and advised visa applicants not to believe or agree to anyone approaching and asking for money in exchange of a reservation slot.

While the embassy is never involved in such dishonest acts, the customers are also requested to use online appointment system properly and to avoid filling up all reservation slots by taking unnecessary appointments and blocking those who are in urgent need of visa application to visit Thailand.

Outside the consular section, the embassy only checks booking confirmation information and passports, and has never verified other documents and cash in the outside area as document verification and visa fee collection are done only inside the section.

If any dishonest activity is detected, people are advised to inform the embassy staff or security staff, it stated.


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