Rural Road Development Dept organizes quarterly coordination meeting

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The Department of Rural Road Development organized a quarterly coordination meeting yesterday to implement rural development programmes and rural road development strategic plans for the rural populace.
During the meeting, Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay urged officials to submit the targeted work plans for 2021-2022 FY. There are 52,329 villages in the country, and the rural road’s length is more than 56,000 miles. About 23 per cent of road section can be used in any seasons, while 77 per cent can be used in the dry season. It has drafted the plans to use the rural road up to 80 per cent across the nation as per the strategic plans for rural roads development 2030.
The reliable rural roads and bridges save the costs for the locals in transporting the locally produced products to the markets. Therefore, it can support the country’s GDP. The departments and private companies should follow the terms and conditions of the tender system.
Then, the regions/states department heads clarified the completed and ongoing operations in 2019-2020FY, 2020-2021FY and 2021-2022FY.
Deputy Minister U Min Htein briefed them on the work plans of ministry, policy matters and rules and regulations for the civil service personnel.
Then, the Permanent Secretary and Director-General presented the roads and bridges construction situation, fixed time of completion and financial status. – MNA

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