SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects National Kandawgyi Garden, Governor House in PyinOoLwin

State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by SAC members, Union Ministers, Mandalay Region Chief Minister, senior military officers of Commander-in-Chief Office, Commander of Central Command and officials inspected the National Kandawgyi Garden and Governor House in PyinOoLwin Township yesterday.
First, the Senior General and party were welcomed by the officials of the National Kandawgyi Garden. Director-General U Htay Aung of the Forest Department and Director U Zaw Min Naing of the irrigation department reported data on the garden, decreasing water resources in garden lakes due to deforestation, lack of water from natural springs, the higher temperature in the region, poor water flow from inlets, dryness of lakes for other reasons and proper water flows from basins. After the Senior General’s 26 September 2021 inspection tour and under his instructions, water inflow from inlet channels has resumed due to the necessary repairing of inlet channels and underground drains.
The Senior General said the National Kandawgyi Garden is the landmark of PyinOoLwin, and so it should conduct prodder garden conservation works. It is a national garden, and it should not emphasize only the garden. It should also make efforts in beautifying the lakes and saving the water systematically to lure the visitors to the park. The region administrative officials and ministries concerned should cooperate to get proper water inflow and keep the water. It needs to conserve the whole Kandawgyi garden area measuring more than 436 acres. It received less rainfall between 2019 and 2020, whereas it increased in 2021. There would be high rainfall in 2022, according to the forecast. The PyinOoLwin township boasts of a sizeable vast forest previously, and the consumption rate of firewood is high. The production of charcoal cause deforestation. Therefore, the previous military government implemented coffee tree plantations to green the PyinOoLwin region.
Although it was intended to re-green with shade trees along with the coffee plantation, it was not 100 per cent successful due to the lack of systematic cultivation. The inflow of water has been reduced due to the closure of the farms by the enclosure system.

It should not work just for show and should conduct systematically to green the PyinOoLwin region, get a proper inflow of water to Kandawgyi Garden and keep water. The PyinOoLwin is established as a hilly resort city, cherry city and flower city, so it needs to conduct systematic works for the cleanliness of the garden.
Currently, the COVID-19 disease is controlled to a certain extent, and it should create to become a standard garden for the local and foreign travellers. It should also maintain its original reputation. The responsible company of the garden should make efforts for the cleanliness and greening of the garden and work together with the governmental officials.
The Senior General then inspected the National Kandawgyi Garden by car and instructed the necessary things to the officials. He also checked the Kandawlay sluice gate construction site.
Due to the lower inflow of water to the ponds in National Kandawgyi Garden in previous years, the Senior General inspected watersheds of lakes, Nyaungni water outlets, and natural springs during his tour PyinOoLwin in September and December 2021. According to his instructions, the department concerned conducted the maintenance works, and the lake’s water level became 20 feet, although it measured only 16 feet last year. According to the measurement on 17 April, the water level in six feet depth lake (1) reached 6.5 feet, while seven feet lake (2) seven feet, 11 feet lake (3) 7.4 feet and 32 feet lake (4) 20 feet.
Then, the Senior General and party visited the Governor House. He viewed around the Governor House compound and instructed the necessary things to ensure a picturesque place. — MNA

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