Salon Sea Gypsy enjoys profitable returns from calamari harvesting

Most of the Sea Gypsy (Salon) or (Mawken) live in the Makyon Galet village of the Myeik Archipelago of the southernmost part of Myanmar, and they are currently reaping better profits from capturing squid in early January than in previous years, according to local squid hunters.
Fishing, pearl hunting, etc, are the main livelihoods of the Salon people. Although the catch of squid was low from 2021 to 2023 early periods, the capture of squid early this year is high. Therefore, the squid price becomes stable and puts the market in good condition.
The Salon families catch the squid in their Kaban boats near the Myeik Archipelago and onshore areas and resell the products to the squid wholesalers on the island or large Kaban boats in the sea. They do not run any business except marine-related businesses. When the demand for marine products decreases, they focus on capturing squid assures the market. They catch the squid in the sea the whole year round. They can catch large squids mostly in monsoon and winter, whereas the catch rate is low in summer. The transactions of maritime products such as sea fish, chiton/barnacle/oyster and sea urchins are slack. The leech fetches K500,00-K100,000 per viss, and the squid is priced at K15,000 per viss. The local suppliers purchase the products and export them to Thailand.
“The capturing rate becomes low compared to previous years. Only Salons catch the squid and leech. But now, other people also catch them. The Salons rig the toy prawn on the hook to catch the squid. They do not get squid every month. During the early period of this year, the catch of squid is high, and they are convenient. The squid prices have not been stable for a long time since last year. Although the high prices of commodities are likely to increase the prices of marine products, they (Salons) have to sell at the prices the local merchants offer. Salons do not use the nets to catch squid; they go fishing or dive. They get K10,000-K15,000 per kilo of squid this month. They are very happy for having good prices,” said Ko Nyi Lay, a young Salon leader from Makyon Galet village.
They catch squid in the sea for about 20 days per month. They catch near the islands in summer and rainy seasons, and they get large amounts of squid. They make their living by finding other marine products when they cannot catch the squid in the hot season. Local and foreign travellers visit Makyon Galet Village during the dry season, and the locals earn their incomes from transporting marine products to hotels and resorts.
In Makyon Galet village, even over 60-year-old Salon women catch the squid. The income of Salon families is good this year as they catch a good number of squid. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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