Save all souls in disaster tsunamis

A highly intensified earthquake jolts a specific place. In consequence, terrible waves of tide violently hit the banks and then destroy any barriers to public residences. Suddenly the residents lost their lives in a short time without knowing and understanding anything in a few minutes but they are late to accept the loss of their lives in terrible incidents.
All the events can be seen in slow moves of images on the projector. But these are artificially screened for just a show for audiences. While enjoying the video clips on the projector, audiences suffered just a high speed of heartbeats but they cannot find sweat on their faces. It is because their high speed of heartbeats cannot compare with the frightening of participants in the actual incident.
In fact, the planet Earth and the natural disasters which are born on it are very cruel to the residents. Most of the tsunami events triggered by earthquakes are eager to sweep everything including humans from the world. All the places where tsunamis are swept are often left with nothing. How terrible!
On some deadly days when tsunami sweeps, no one can be left to tell their stories to others. Such terrible disasters leave tears and debris on the land after the incidents. Those who escaped from the incidents can just be praying for those who lost their lives. In truth, their frets were based on a lack of tsunami awareness and they do not have access to information about the possible disasters.
As such, the UN General Assembly designated 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day in December 2015. From then onward, many countries across the world mark World Tsunami Awareness Day on a yearly basis, calling on countries, international bodies and civil societies to raise tsunami awareness and share innovative approaches to risk reduction.
By the year 2030, an estimated 50 per cent of the world’s population will live in coastal areas exposed to flooding, storms and tsunamis. Scaling up international cooperation with developing countries will help ensure that 100 per cent of communities at risk of tsunamis are prepared for and resilient to tsunamis by 2030.
Indeed, everybody needs to accept the concept of a self-reliant basis for doing something. They have to rely on their own strength. As they are joining hands with each other in society, they have to enhance their capacity to defy natural disasters with comprehensive preparedness to be able to reduce the risks and save their souls. Good luck to all in tsunamis.

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