Save the planet Earth to be free from plastic bags

Everybody should notice that the planet Earth is facing gradual deterioration in all sectors. As such, everybody needs to protect the globe to stop deterioration as much as possible.
The global peoples should leave a good legacy for new generations. They must exercise disciplinary acts to be idols for posterity. They have to avoid acts supporting climate change which causes global warming destructing the globe. It is because warming temperature directly melts the glaciers, then flooding various parts of the world.
As such, everybody needs to exercise the systematic disposal process. All the global peoples need to avoid too much use of plastic wares and plastic bags. In fact, polyethene bags and plastic bags were innovated to be used several times. Currently, these products are manufactured abundantly due to lesser production costs. Consequently, the global peoples use plastic bags and wares once and discard them.
Goods and products must be packaged in plastic wares and bags. At this juncture, it is the correct way. But users should not discard plastic bags and polyethene bags after using them once. If not, the soil layer of the world may be filled with plastic and polyethene bags without any vacant areas.
Hence, current people need to consider how to avoid the unsystematic use of plastic bags and plastic wares. It is necessary to raise public awareness to avoid the unsystematic use of plastic bags and their unsystematic littering of them. In addition, global peoples need to avoid discarding dangerous materials and personal goods which cannot easily decay in the ground.
Everybody should change their mindsets. Today is the best time for them to amend their acts of unsystematically discarding dangerous materials to the world. Their individual acts will be effective in saving the planet Earth. They should not be disappointed in anyone who does not change their mindsets to avoid the unsystematic use of dangerous materials and goods.
Undisciplined usage of plastic and other dangerous materials such as chemicals, uneasy decayed products and too much use of pesticides and fertilizers will be a danger for all living beings across the world. Disposable used products must be systematically destroyed but other products must be used several times to lessen the volume of garbage across the world. It is not difficult. So, it is easy to exercise the acts for saving the planet Earth for its healthy existence. The planet Earth is monitoring the global peoples.

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