School essentials sale begins increasing

Sales of school accessories have begun rising again and orders have also mounted in Yangon market this month.
Schools will be reopening soon and school accessories such as backpacks, bags, school uniforms, trousers, dresses, logyis and blouses have been selling steadily since the beginning of April, and currently, there are orders from other regions and states, said Ma Yin Nan who sells school accessories.
“The green-coloured textile sale has re-surged as of early April. At present, rather than Yangon customers, we have received orders from customers in other regions and states. They order from Yangon and resell in their towns and also distribute to others from different towns. They buy from Yangon to stock goods before the school season resumes and before prices go up,” she said.
Depending on size, a white short-sleeved Arrow brand shirt made of tetron fabric costs from more than K4,000 to K5,000 and trousers (short and long) from around K4,000 to K5,000. Dress prices vary depending on size. A-grade shankhan green-coloured textile price is K5,000 a yard and yaygepoe is K6,500 a yard.
It is expected that demand will be larger in Yangon market in around May, she said.
“Schools are going to resume in June so not only customers outside Yangon but also parents in Yangon will buy the supplies in May. It is a little early in April but demand from Yangon residents will increase next month. Currently, orders from outside-Yangon have been larger,” said a saleperson. — MT/ZS/ED

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