Candle sale increases among commodity products

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Some candles available in the market.

Candle price has been well and its sale has been also well, according to candle businesses and groceries.

“Candle price has been higher than foods. A candle previously worth K100 is now K150 while K200 worth is now K250. A pack of small-sized candle is now K800, up from K650. Thingyan is drawing near and it is a factor,” said Daw Aye Aye Myint, owner of Myint grocery in Htantabin township.

A pack of 5 medium-sized candles was previously K1000 but now it is K1200-K1300 while a pack of small-sized candles which are commonly used for light offering to Buddha was previously K650 and now it is K900-K1000.

“Yes, prices of food products have risen and candle price has also increased more than foods. For example, foodstuff price gets higher by K100, then candle price gets higher  by K200,” said a housewife.

At present, candle sale has been good and demand has been high too.

“Candle sale has been well now. We have to expand the production. For our small-scale business, the sale has climbed up sharply. Raw materials price has also surged. So it means the sale has been high and at the same time, we have to input our profit into raw materials cost,” said a candle business owner from Yangon.

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