Seek excellent ways to do the best works

The best works are based on excellent ways and means. Those wishing to secure the best results in endeavours need to seek the excellent ways and means at first and take them into consideration how to obtain the best results.
In so doing, everybody needs to analyze the plans for the implementation of the projects. They should seek excellent ways and means to solve the problems. They should consider what the best way is, what the shortest time to implement the project is, what the easiest and cheapest method is, what the quickest period to solve the problem is and what the excellent way to seek the best result is.
Even if somebody meets to competitively solve the same problem, the person who can seek the excellent and smoothest will secure the best result in a short period. If somebody is equal in capability in solving the problems in a short period, those who have the capability to apply the easiest ways will achieve success comfortably.
If some persons with equal capability face one another in the battle, those who have the greater capability in all measures applying the excellent ways will secure the victory. In the practical field as well as in the secular world, everybody has to apply the rights to win over others but they should not apply the unfair ways, except for military tactics.
On the battlefields, those applying the tactical and strategic operations need to consider the possible ways whether may be fair or unfair to dominate the opponents. It is because military personnel are always fighting the battles with the betting of their lives and limbs. They cannot actually see the tactics of enemies. In the battles, military personnel need to defend themselves against the dangers and falls of bullets while wiping off the enemies. So they have to use the possible tactics earlier than the enemies. Hence, the nature of military personnel is roughly not similar to those from remaining arenas in taking remaining measures.
Actually, most of the persons in the secular world should consider how to overcome the challenges in the best manner whereas they have to minimize losses in the work processes. Although they secure the great result in the process, if they protect themselves to lessen the losses, it cannot be approved that their wins would be shameful. So, beware of the excellent way but emphasize winning the best result.

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