Seek ways and means to turn out well-versed human resources

The Myanmar National Education Conference 2023 is in progress at Myanmar International Convention Centre-II in Nay Pyi Taw till 21 May, up from 18 May. Such a conference is held in the time of the State Administration Council for the first time through collaborative efforts of all ministries, aimed at improving the education standard of Myanmar.
Myanmar is implementing the 30-year national education promotion plan from the 2001-02 financial year to the 2030-31 financial year comprising six five-year short-term plans. The Myanmar National Education Conference was held at Yangon’s Diamond Jubilee Hall, Yezin University of Agriculture, University of Veterinary Science, Taunggyi University and Mawlamyine University from 2003 to 2019.
It is scheduled to focus on finding ways to remedy the lowering numbers of education level transition, conducting the KG+9 education as the national task in all regions and states, and teaching agricultural, livestock and technical subjects in KG+10, 11, 12 to ensure the basic vocational skills, turning out human resources to learn agricultural, livestock breeding and technical subjects that can be applied in workplaces, teaching higher education in a supportive atmosphere for the community in addition to the subjects related skills, producing professionals in arts, science and technology sectors to uplift the nationalism and patriotism of young people.
The experts related to the education sector took part in the penal discussions. Penal Discussion 1 was organized under the topic “Finding ways to raise the numbers of students and complete KG+9 education at least”, while Penal Discussion 2 discussed “Finding ways to produce intellectuals, technicians and experts to support the development of a social community in addition to subject-specific skills in the higher education sector”, and Penal Discussion 3 on “Exploring ways to ensure basic vocational skills with agriculture, livestock breeding and technology after KG+9 education”.
Currently, the government is striving for improvement in the education sector. As part of turning out the qualified human resources, 50 districts will launch 51 technical, agriculture and livestock high schools where the students who have passed the KG+9 education can attend from the 2023-24 academic year. It needs to open 75 similar schools in further districts in the 2024-25 academic year. Upon completion of opening these schools, schools will each have 18,500 students at the basic education school level per year.
As the government increases the education budget year by year in order to enhance the education sector, education staff are to strive for serving the assigned duty with the utmost effort in turning out well-versed human resources for benefiting the country.

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