Set a plan to reduce a half casualty of traffic accidents in 2030


T he Yangon Region Private Transport Committee (YRTC) is on a mission to cut traffic accident casualties by half in 2030. Tasked with overseeing the daily operations of bus lines under the Yangon Bus Service, the YRTC is committed to ensuring the safety of road users and the public. Taking stringent actions against violators of traffic rules, the committee maintains discipline by dismissing YBS drivers who break regulations and promptly recruits replacements to maintain seamless services along respective bus lines.
To prepare new drivers for their responsibilities, the YRTC meticulously selects candidates and conducts comprehensive driving training courses, covering not only the intricacies of traffic rules but also relevant disciplines. The focus extends beyond mere adherence to rules, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing traffic safety for both passengers within the buses and those outside.
Despite the imperative for drivers and bus conductors to strictly adhere to traffic rules, some individuals knowingly defy regulations, such as running red lights. This not only jeopardizes their safety and that of passengers but also poses a threat to other road users. The YRTC recognizes that effective traffic safety hinges on the unwavering commitment of all drivers and conductors to follow established rules.
Highlighting the severity of the situation, the Traffic Police Force, under the Myanmar Police Force, released a press statement revealing that an alarming average of 10 lives are lost daily in traffic accidents. The global concern for road safety is echoed by the World Health Organization’s 2018 report, which disclosed that over 1.3 million people lose their lives in traffic problems annually, with more than 50 million sustaining injuries in traffic accidents.
In response to this alarming trend, the Myanmar government is determined to enforce traffic rules rigorously and enhance public awareness to curb the rising number of casualties. All relevant organizations and government departments are urged to proactively educate the public, including vehicle drivers and conductors, fostering a deep commitment to following traffic rules.
With a targeted plan to reduce traffic accident casualties by half in 2030, using the baseline data in 2020, the government emphasizes that success relies on widespread compliance with traffic rules. Only through collective adherence to these rules can the ambitious 2030 plan be realized, paving the way for a generation committed to disciplined and safe road practices.


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