Set great aim to secure sports victories in the international arena

Sport movements can help everybody strengthen both physical and mental health and fitness. Likewise, every country has the chance to enjoy higher prestige thanks to achieving victories in sports events.
Victories of sports events stimulate the patriotic spirit and national spirit of not only athletes but audience citizens. Movements of athletes representing the mother country can bring honour to the State and the citizens. Everybody vividly saw that the powerful stipulation of the sports events in the recent World Cup showed the national spirit of football fans of relevant countries.
Indeed, uplifting sports skills can be defined as safeguarding the prestige of the State and improving the mindset of youths. Moves of victorious national teams can change the mindsets of the people to make concerted efforts for serving the interests of the nation and the people. So, the entire people need to join hands with the government in revitalizing Myanmar’s sports activities so as to develop the sports sector within the coming decade.
If so, the prestige and integrity of the nation and the nation can be gilt in the future. To be able to do so, the authorities are implementing an objective: “to enhance the health, fitness and education quality of the entire nation” included in nine objectives of the State.
In reality, Myanmar’s sports sector requires development in all aspects. It is necessary to set short- and long-term plans to carry out improvement of the sports standard of Myanmar steadfastly. In so doing, an emphasis must be placed on turning out talented athletes in respective sports events, nurturing the qualified trainers and coaches, conducting training for the athletes with the use of modern sports equipment and techniques and raising investment in the sports sector for ensuring the betterment of administration and supply measures.
Importantly, it is necessary to organize the internal sports competitions one after another under the sports calendar and send sports contingents abroad to compete in the international games with the vision to emerge qualified athletes. On the other hand, the authorities need to arrange to grant the victorious athletes who brought honour to the State for the daily life of the remaining part of their life span.
It can be said that sports victories can be dubbed as the achievements of the nation. Hence, it is necessary to accomplish the aims to secure victories in relevant sports events at the regional level, Asian level and international levels from the movements on the health and fitness of the entire national people.


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